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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Aiya SIA still short of cabin crew lah!

This is taken from the SIA cabin crew union Chairman's message to his cabin crew members(numbering 5,200)last month.This proves I am correct when disputing with Luke SS Tan regarding crew shortage. So all wannabes you still have lots of chances to get your dreams fulfilled:

"Management had informed SIASU that the shortage of crew will be *resolved soon. In the event that the attrition rate is higher then what they have predicted, Market Planners will have to maintain or reduce flights to resolve this shortage which we all know is taking a heavy toll on crews’ health due to fatigue ( wannbes don't be scared of this statement cos no crew ever died of hard work)..." to continue reading press here

*To me it means another a year or so depending on the success of the 2 cents worth...SQ don't be upset with my statment know I know lah....hehehe.

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