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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Another SIA walk-in interview for cabin crew interview

By 8 am this morning,there will certainly be a long queue of a few hundred SIA cabin crew hopefuls at Sheraton Tower Hotel. Registration for the steward and stewardess position begins at 9 am and ends at 3 pm.
Predictably, at the end of the day hundreds will be disappointed. The ratio of success is about 1 to 50.
The quality of candidates are becoming worse. Many think they are god's gift to cabin crew. Some with crooked teeth,ugly drooping eyes and mouth, hostile faces, unfriendly personality etc etc..drop in at Sheraton just to try their lucks.
Many of those who did not make it will try over and over again. SIA holds the interviews almost every month in Singapore and Malaysia. I've heard of wannabes who had tried something like 16 to 18 times unsuccessfully. These poor souls are determined to get the job but without much success. What they need is some kind of help like cosmetic surgery to make them look more appealing to the interviewers. These wannabes are generally cheapos who rather fail umpteenth times than to pay for corrective surgery to help them.
A few got the looks but failed miserably because of their poor performances in front of the interviewers. They can't speak proper English and made a fool of themselves. This kind should enlist themselves in oral English classes.
My heart goes out to the interviewers who have to tolerate those ugly looks and incomprehensible English the candidates used,week in week out.
Since the pool of suitable candidates are drying up in Singapore and Malaysia,SIA should take a look at girls from Vietnam,Thailand and other Asean countries.


Anonymous said...

where have nice SQ girls?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's sad to say that the population of aesthetically-challenged and linguistically-challenged people are pretty high in Singapore these days, I think it is somehow related to the new H2O.....

Anonymous said...

A good example of a linguistically-challenged will be the person who posted the 1st comment, "where have nice SQ girls?".....pot calling the kettle black??