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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Digital Life talked about this blog but isn't fair to me!

Yes my blog "bohtong.org" was featured in Digital Life, a extended section of the Straits Times on 8 July 2008 (yesterday). In it, writer Stephanie Gwee described me as one who "even gossips about other airlines". She is also of the opinion that my blog gives the "readers the low-down of what the industry is like". Industry here is referred to as "air-stewarding" or the job of a cabin crew.

Come on Stephanie be fair to me. I did give the upside of the cabin crew job too. I have never discouraged anyone who are suitable from applying to be a cabin crew. In fact, I even give strong support to my ex colleague Luke who is helping those cabin crew hopefuls pass their interviews.

Go and read some of my postings on the not so "low-down" of the air stewarding job eg..."Having a stewardess as a wife" ( 25/2/08), "Honesty of SIA cabin crew" (20/12/07), "Don't lose heart cos SIA......"(16/2/08) and many others.


Anonymous said...

You should be fair to Stephanie yourself.
Oxford Dictionary defines "the low-down" as "the true facts about sb/sth, especially those considered most important to know".

Which part of saying that is unfair to you?
In fact, Stephanie is complimenting you except that you don't understand her.

boh tong said...

Ok ok thanks for pointing what's the meaning of "the low-down". Aiya uncle thought it means the bad side of the crew. A thousand apologies to whoever u are Aiya we learn new things everyday..hehehe