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Friday, 25 July 2008

The evil crew.

HG was a senior male crew who had been with the airlines for three decades. All of his promotions came smoothly for him. It didn't mean HG was an efficient nor conscientious crew. He was promoted because of his shrewdness and his ability to kiss his superiors' asses. He was the champion ass kisser in cabin crew.

The junior crew hated HG because they knew what he was made of.They didn't mind if HG curry favoured his superiors but they couldn't stand his "bicycle management" technique. "Bicycle management" is a term loosely used in cabin crew to mean that one steps on the heads of the juniors and look up to the superior. Simply put, HG was a person who bullied and slave drive his juniors and at the same time licked his bosses' balls.

HG would send gifts and hampers on auspiscious days like Chinese New Year, Christmas etc to his bosses' houses. He would buy gifts for them and their children from overseas. At the same time he also licked the union leaders' balls.

The union guys held considerable power especially in deciding who would get promoted. If you look around, the dead woods who kissed the union leaders' asses usually got their promotions and extention of contracts. Never mind about how they worked on board the flights.

The mf HG worked out his strategy to perfection. He was a skilled tactician in pleasing both the mangement and union. Hence, his promotion beyond the crews' rank.

How did HG bully his crew? Well he demanded them kissed his ass on all his flights. On board the flight,he made it the duty of his juniors to serve him food and drinks every time he was hungry. He would be extremely "loving" (I call it being chee-hong)to the sexy pretty stewardesses. To the "batangs" (male crew)he was a slave drive and a terror.

During his night stops,he would make the stewards pay for his meals and beers. They would not dare refused him if he asked them out for a meal or drink. To defy his orders means one would not be promoted. The gals gave in to his demands too by going to bed with him. Of course,he wouldn't dare mess around with the some of the stewardesses who had higher connections in the office.

His wife was a stewardesses who were forced to go to bed with him. She was married to him after he stole her virginity. They had a divorce after she left the airline.

Now he is married to a stewardess 20 years his junior and it is only a matter of time before she will boot him out of her life for a younger crew. By then, he would be a toothless old useless cock!


Anonymous said...

Wah...who huh? Still around or left liao?

If still around I can briefly think you a few..keke..

Anonymous said...

BT : This is the most interesting and accurate story for C.C. Wannables.There are alot of such assholes in the Airline ! Awas !

Anonymous said...

HG is known as one of the '5 tua peh kongs' of Cabin Crew. Now he is in charge of discipline. WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Yeap the mother fucker is "tua peh kong" of cabin crew and in charge of crew discipline.He licked CTL and goh ki chiew's bols to be where he is today,right frens?

Lau Eng (Eagle)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder how could such hypocritical fox lasts so long in an organisation like SIA ?

Anonymous said...

Thats the problem in the company, ball lickers and coffee boy gets all the promotion while the rest of the senior just got by past, some will never even get promoted to chief. The moral of the crew is getting lower and lower now....its very sad to see such hypocrite, who can't even work or take stress got promoted instate of those hardworking and honest crew.
Everyone is blind in there, from the CTS all the way to the sad that the hardwork and honesty was not being recognise in such a big company.

Anonymous said...

Work place everywhere is full of dirty politics but sia cabin crew is worse. Ya ppl get promoted not because of merit but carrying bosses' balls.

Anonymous said...

u mean our AM for crew perf? Mr Sxx?

Anonymous said...

Between a Snake & HG, U better kill

HG cos he is more Dangerous !

Anonymous said...

Never mind his end is near! Lets watch and see.How long will he last. When a person does too many evil deeds that person will get back 100 times. Do not follow these sort of tactics. I strongly believe if he has offended too many people, every second of the day people will be cursing him.
He will know his outcome at the end of the day.
Lets be more gracious to one another.

Anonymous said...

U mean Mr S.See? Dont tink he is AM leh

Anonymous said...

Aiyah ! Don't mention that stinking name la ! Just look at his picture at the top can already !

Anonymous said...

In that picture he looks real mean but in real life is he?? Is HG an AM (assistant manager)

mat said...

the most important is dicipline!!