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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Free coaching for SIA senior cabin crew? Forget about them la!!

I've been scratching my head for the last few days and nights wondering why ex SIA cabin crew executives like SS Tan,Thomas Chia and Edmond Tay volunteered to coach the crew going for their promotion for free.
Why Freeeee ah?? Those guys are well paid by SIA ( average salary=$5,000 to $7,000 ) and should charge each one of them at least $500 if they get promoted or $200 if they don't,after attending the workshop.
The three of them will live to regret if they give free lessons because some of those asses won't be grateful at all. After being promoted to a higher rank, I doubt they wouldn't even keep in touch with their 3 "sifus" let alone buy them coffee. I know them well enough to state my point,ok?.
Anyway its not my business to interfere but remember I am seldom wrong when come this sort of matter.


Anonymous said...

Stupid to give free tuition to those ungrateful dogs!
once-bitten ex snr helpful crew

Anonymous said...


Your Crew Colleague

Anonymous said...

SIA cc are the cheapo-est grp of ppl on earth so why spare em the fees?? Shd give free coaching to wanabes instead who are usually students or lowly paid clerks,front line staff bla,bla

CC Wanabe

Anonymous said...

I am a retired IFS and on my holiday flt the jr crew whom i have mentored and guided don't even give me a second look and pretend i was not on the flt. So u ppl want ot give free coaching,think again.SIA cc are ungrateful lot. Make em pay man!

Anonymous said...

Just name me a grateful person!
This is a very selfish place to live.Money is the roots to all evil! How can our society be a gracious society to live.Everyone is just so engrossed in making more & more money.Neverthless feel free to help those whom you think will be grateful to you.Do give a helping hand to the needy. I will help a beggar than to part my money to an organisation. Never mind if its a fake or not.
Believe in KARMA. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Being ex-crew, we were all cultivated to be "plastic" in our dealings with others. We smile and say hello even when we cannot tolerate the individual, then we bad mouth them behind their back. This was second nature to us especially in our dealings with pax. So expect this group to be no different. If its necessary to charge a fee then by all means do so. Anyway as we all know the results of the interviews are pre-determined, has been and always will be.