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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

How much does a SIA pilot gets compared to .......

Straits Times reported that SIA pilots’ salaries were revealed in the pay dispute court case between SIA and its pilots’ union.

Captains flying Boeing 777 planes take in a median of $271,888 per annum, which excludes allowances. Their First Officers receive a median income of $149,258. First Officers are “junior captains” - they become Captains upon promotion.

According to AskCaptainLim.com, a national airline pilot in the US commands up to US$250,000 per year. According to the same website, a Captain with the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) receives a gross pay of up to RM35,000/mth including allowances.


David Seah Says: December 19th, 2007 at 5:21 pm
Hi there,
Just to base on 65 hrs of flying duties is not accurate at all to calculate SIA pilots’ gross salary.
MVC( Monthly variable component has to take into account )as well as all other allowances such as transport, location meal allowances and inflight meal allowances have to be taken into account too. A ball park figures for all these allowances in will be close to 5K or more.
Spoken to some pilots ( Capts and FOs ) before hence a rough guide for gross salary will be at range of 19-30K over for Capts ( base on seniority as basic salary differs between a junior guy and much senior guy ) and 10K-16K for FOs ( base on seniority as well again ).
Hence I am also quite surprise Pilots are not in the top 100 Jobs in Singapore list.
For more go to this webpage. and this one loves SIA!

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