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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cabin Crew-in-Charge sacked for ...........

A Chief Flight Attendant was sacked recently after a disciplinary committee found him guilty of molesting a new flight stewardess on his flight.

The story went like this........

Chief Flight Attendant Chee Ko having the flexibility to assign crew work positions on his flight,decided against cabin crew policy of allocating a newbie stewardess to work with him in the Biz class. This newbie was a foreign stewardess.
A newbie must have worked at least 6 months before being allowed to work in the Biz class. The newbie must also undergo further training in the Biz class before being assigned to that class to work.
During the flight, according to a reliable source, Chief Flight Attendant Chee molested the stewardess. She was in the state of shock when the 2nd in charge,a cheap stewardess came to the Biz class. In between sobs,the newbie confided in the cheap stewardess and the matter was reported to the company.

Chee had been with airline for about 30 years. He threw his job down the "drain" because of a "pussy". Worst still, he will live with the stigma of a molester and worst,worst still his kids and wife will not be able to face the world.

It is not as though all the male crew are angels but the moral of the story is like one ex- Chief Flight Attendant Justin said "hey bah you can do anything you want but just don't get caught". ....well said Justin!..... who was not offered the extension of his retirement to work beyond 55 yrs because he had a big mouth! Justin has been recently spotted loitering aimlessly in KL, Malaysia with a pony tail and a big paunch.

2 senior crew had been sacked within a span of 3 months,one for stealing champagne and other company's stuff and this one for molest. The former was charged and fined in court and the latter??? be charged and caned? oops he is over 50 and according to the law here cannot be caned. May be wrongly canned and can sue the gamen mah and compensated a million bucks like that guy who took drugs and overcanned.......


Anonymous said...

BT are u toking abt MAS? Hope the incident was not with our carrier hor? Shameful mah if it happened to SQ...*keep fingers cross*

Anonymous said...

Hello?? Where have you been?? these kind of cases have been going on for many years..... right boh tong?? Guess you not in SQ so you're ignorant.

Anonymous said...

ya lor these craps have been on for many years...hehehe