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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

It's the Singapore Girl, not Granny

THINK Singapore Airlines and the SIA Girl comes to mind - unbidden.

She's young and attractive, and has a million-dollar smile and a figure flattered by a suitably padded kebaya. What if she were 55 years old instead of the 20 to 30 average age of the SIA Girl today?

I asked colleagues and friends and the general response was: So what? If she is pleasant, efficient, coherent and knows her job, age is just a number. But one colleague - a male - added: 'Some eye candy wouldn't hurt.'

For 60 years, the image of the Singapore Girl - despite numerous changes of hairstyle - has stood the test of time. But every now and then, the airline gets flak for insisting the SIA Girl drink at the fountain of eternal youth. It happened recently at a forum on employability.
To continue reading press her grandma's old sagging boobs offense hor Ms Karamjit or Asiaone?...hehehe

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