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Sunday, 3 August 2008

The things I like and hate working for SIA (Singapore Airlines) cabin crew division. Pt. 3

Not exaggerating but the pictures I posted here were quite close to the ones we were accorded when we were working for SIA. The food were expensive and hotels luxurious. Frankly, if we were to pay for them,we would at the end of each month had nothing left in our pay packets. Give you an example the Gloucester Hotel room at London costs $500 to $600 a night. Admitedly,Gloucester accord SIA the corporate rates which could be half of what I've mentioned....but still those room were too dear.
How to grudge or ever complain that SIA is a bad employer? Personally I can't although a few of my ex colleagues would (they were the most unhappy people I've ever come across).

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toby said...

i left the airline 12 yrs ago....looking back...if its not bcos of how screw up the managment was..i might have stay on..overall, not everything is bad..i did also had my good time..and i m still weclome by ex collegue whenever i travel with them