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Monday, 4 August 2008

The things I like and hate working for SIA (Singapore Airlines) cabin crew division. Pt. 4

No kidding in what I've said earlier on that a few of my ex-colleagues who nagged and complained about our ex-employer (SIA) were the most miserable people.
SIA was a great company to work for even at a time it was known as MSA (Malaysia Singapore Airlines).
At the time when SARS almost devastated the world's airlines, Singapore Airlines offered each one of us a "Golden Handshake" or pleasant way out. Most of us would have worked more than 30 years and were offered 25 months of our salary plus free travel etc to leave the company.
Our more junior colleagues like Samantha,Jui Li,Yuit Fung,Chris Teh, Keng Ann and a few others who had put in less than 15 years of continuous service were not offered the "Golden Handshake". All of these junior executives were graduates holding good degrees and had put in an average of 10 years. Our positions were made redundant and they had to be redeployed. People like Samantha who holds a 2nd upper and a masters in political science as well as Jui Li and Keng Ang, an ex-lawyer from KL had since left SIA. Yuit Fung has been redeployed as a station manager. Chris and Desmond had downgraded themselves to the IFS positions. If anyone were to complain, these younger ex-colleagues should be the ones.

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