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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Contributed by Toby

Good morning BT:

Today i shall share with the readers THREE most important words as a cabin crew:

The THREE important words and phase for Junior FSS: Sorry, Please, Thank you

Senior FSS: Cabin Check, Toilet Check, Children amenities given

FS : Galley set, Meals Ready, ai close bar mai..(close bar cart)

LS / LSS : Cabin Set, All pax hav choice, Going out with sales now

CS / CSS: Are u ready..., Five more minutes..., Lets go..(hard working chief) ...or Carry on ( Lazy chief)

IFS: Everything ok?..All pax ok?....Si Mi Ho Jiak (Whats nice to eat?)

A cabin crew during the 1990s where the guys are the least privilege, company has given the guys some token that we hardly notice....this is the comparison..

Stewardess ...........................Stewards

5 years service $15 k......... One meal dish tong or oven gloves (FS)

10 yrs ? Bar Book & Sales Book with keys (LS)

15 yrs ? Cheese knifes & Steak knife (CS)

20 yrs ? Ship’s Bag (IFS)

Ah...CCE...normally they give golden handshake lah

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