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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

How to avoid being accussed of rape or molest?

Hardly a month has passed when an inflight supervisor has been sacked by SIA for molesting a stewadess, this leading steward in Abu Dhabi has been arrested for allegedly raping his female colleague.
If you don't want be accused of rape or molestation,the best advice I have for you is to "hands off" your female colleague. Don't think "dirty" even when they bend down to pick up something on the galley floor and in the process exposing their boobs. Easier said isn't it? As a man, in every sense of the word, you can't help but feast your hungry eyes on them. Those low neck lines of the kebaya enhanced even the smallest boobs and it is ever so tempting to put your naughty hands into it and fondle them.
Stop! wake up man and don't even think of doing it even for a hundredth of a second! You will be truly sorry if you do.
You will be sorry if you do not restrain those naughty hands of yours. Disciplined yourself and tell yourself it is not worth it. The penalty is too severe.
But, but if you are the "chio" or "chee ko peh" or lustful type and can't resist the "flesh" under Balmain's kebaya, you better follow of these "rules" and survive ok?
  1. Do not pay much attention to her even if like to bed her.
  2. Play hard to get by being the no-nonsense senior crew.
  3. Be gentle but firmed in giving her work instructions.
  4. Do not crack dirty jokes with her or any other crew.
  5. Be a good example by working hard and smart.
  6. If you follow the above,you would have gained a lot of respect from her.
  7. During night-stop, invite her and the other crew out, whether it is sight-seeing, a meal,movie or just an outing. But do not forced or use your rank to intimidate anyone including her to got out with you.
  8. If she refuses to join you, be a gentleman and accept her wishes. Do not bug her but leave her alone.
  9. Can't get any positive response from her on this trip? Well be cool and patient and get to fly with her again by changing your future flights (crew are allowed to swap flights up to umpteen times a year).
  10. If you fly with her again and again and the response is still the same i.e. she is not interested in you then buzz off. Don't forced yourself on her.
  11. In fact, be a man and send her some lovely flowers and thank her for the many flights together.
  12. Change your direction and go for someone else.
  13. If, after all the years in the airline and all the girls give you the cold shoulder then its time you give yourself a hard and long look in the mirror.
  14. Frustrated? ..then go to Geylang  and look for .............. and stay safe rather than sorry like those idiots who were sacked for rape and molestation.
  15. Still not convinced of what I've told you? Then you should attend Thomas Chia or SS Tan's talks or better still go to Edmond Tay (the bearded guy)and be counselled by him...hahaha...


Anonymous said...

Well done Bohtong! Tips from a true BUAYA!

Anonymous said...

But this "buaya" is a nice and well loved one..hehehe not like u asshole out there who forced and raped those gals.