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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

This is a good one!

Contributed by Tobby,the steward who was on the hijack flight SQ 117. The hijack incidence has turned him into a genius...hahaha

Everyone knows the different colours in uniform represent rank.....well this
is my definition..

A pax ask me during the flight ,why the stewardess uniform comes in
different, green , red, brown? answer was..” Age”...... 

My definition to this question is:..
SQ is a company that emphasis and pay lots of attention on profits and lost,
so anything that they do has to concern money...
That’s why our stewardess uniform also represent our currency..Blue for $2,
Green for $5, Red for $10 and Brown for $100...make sense...???hee


Anonymous said...

Thats very true !!! We use to have the $1 note in blue hahaha !!!

Anonymous said...

for pilots, at nite, the taxi lights are as follows:

Blue = left, right boundaries, green = centre line, red = stop line.

So to pilots, stick to the green, stop at red and avoid the blue. (avoid the blue cos nowadays the blue stewardess cannot make it, the green are the still good ones, red ones ah... that is where u stop, u dun want to go to the brown