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Friday, 5 September 2008

What's big fuss?

So what's big fuss about? Did the steward rape the stewardess? It's the media again.I bet with this type of news,the newspaper sales are up,be it Chinese or the English language paper.
There is no such a thing as one colleague raping another. Molest or outraging the modesty of the girls are more likely than rape.
The media reported that a hotel worker opened the door to the stewardess room so the steward could get in. Rubbish! First of all most of the modern hotel rooms could be double locked or chained from inside by the occupants. Unless the worker saw the chain off,it is almost impossible for one to get in from the outside.
If the alleged rape had taken place in the stewardess's room then who is to blamed? Surely the steward must have been allowed into her room.
The other point I want to make is there could be many reasons why the girl cried "rape". There were cases where the male crew were fixed up. In fact, if you follow my blog,there was a case whereby a stewardess demanded $5,000 to settle a so called raped case.
Well well before you jump to any conclusion about me siding the steward,you better think again. I am not siding anyone but just giving my 2 cents worth.
There again,the stewardess could be molested or "raped" if you like.
There are a few "hungry wolves" amongst the senior male crew. They are unlikely to be rapists because they are smarter than that. They may use their positions of influence to subtly blackmail the girls into submission.In that manner,they would get away with molestation.
This "rape" thing will never end because as long as there are a mixed of male and female colleagues in the plane there will always be "rape" or "molest" etc. More so if the nightstop places are as boring as in the Middle East.

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