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Thursday, 13 November 2008

So beli inconvenient lah

I wanted to register for a seminar sometime late November online. This seminar is about the well-being of aging men. It's being advertised over the TV.
The frustrating thing is the numerous steps one has to take in order to succeed in registering and paying for the seminar. I know I am not young but I am more familiar with the online/Internet stuff than many people of my age (I am 63). The problem here is the cumbersome,tedious and often confusing procedures one has to go through just to register and make payment for the seminar online. Thought I was may be lacking in computer knowledge and so I got a friend who is 20 yrs younger and an "expert" in this online thing to help me. This "expert" also had problem with the online registering/payment procedures.
One wonders why can't they make it easier,I mean simple procedures to follow to register. Don't have to make the registration so complicated and frustrating especially for older people like myself.
Ironically,the seminar's target audience is old people like myself.


Anonymous said...

bt, you should read the posting on 29 October 2008 about growing old, gracefully. It was posted by you! So take your own advice, and don't stress yourself. Otherwise, you will be growing older, faster, than you should.

Anonymous said...

Thnks for ur reminder buddy.