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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Create blogs for people

Another new blog created by me for McBabe is this one

I can create blogs for you for free like the one above. The condition is I will put Google advertisements around your blogs and earn the commissions. You must not change the password to the blogs or email address ( I will open an email account for each person)otherwise I cannot access your blog and can't help you if you are in difficulty. I will not add anything or tamper with your blogs unless you want me to help you in certain aspects of your blogs.

In the past I've created blogs like 
There are others who do not want me to reveal the blogs I've created for them and I respect their privacy.

Come don't be shy and email me at


Anonymous said...

bt, where's your chat box???

BT said...

dono leh..maybe some1 sabo me...sooooo sad *sobs*