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Friday, 9 January 2009

Horrible things guys said about stewardesses.

Below are comments under the above post "Special requests from my ardent supporters....." by guys who think stewardesses are "fuck toys"

David said...
A bad boy is the perfect match for stewardess.

I've come across a few, and their relationships with their stewardess spouses seem to have worked hand in glove.

The guy is normally a CBL, sometimes got job; sometimes no job. Drives a car around, which of cos is paid by the stewardess wife. But the main purpose is to fetch the stewardess wife to and fro airport. During his spare time, he will go St James Power or Zouk and pretend to be single.

Friday, January 09, 2009 1:10:00 PM

Anonymous said...
David has hit the nail on its head. Bad boys are good for unfaithful stewardess wives.

Friday, January 09, 2009 1:42:00 PM

James said...
stewardesses generally dun make good life partners. most of them who went into this line share certain traits eg keeping late nights, lazy, know nuts abt housework or responsibility, likes to have fun etc etc as in the cantonese saying :"ho(3) sek(4) lan(1) fei(1)"of course there r a minority who r decent but this grp is far and few. i had around 20+ gf in SQ in my yrs there and i dun find them nice i always tell my frens:the script of the sad story is same, only different actress with same actor.

Friday, January 09, 2009 2:06:00 PM

Anonymous said...
Stewardess are fuck toys. in fact they are so low in the fuck toy rankings that they are paired with salary dependent yuppies.

I know at least a dozen of drug taking stewardess who would gladly allow themself to be used in fuck parties jus to get free flow of drugs. before i was married, i got a couple of bootlickers who would arrange such outings for me. I pay for everything, they just need to get the girls and use their name for all transaction such as renting condo and getting drugs.

i will bring a couple of friends usually 2 girls to 1 guy ratio. we will bang them like animals when they are high. the scene is rather hardcore. imagine her pussy and pubic is filled with sperm from different man and you stuff yours in and cum. some of their hair got stuck like pancakes in the morning because so many men came on their face and hair. once in the morning, they always feel disgusted about themself and leave after showering. LOL

stewardess are sluts, they exchange their body for drugs, money and high life. one rank above them would be the relationship managers in banks. same shit different profile. anyway even if a good girl was to join the career, she would be influenced very quickly. we see new faces at such gangbang all the time. some even got pregnant from the parties!

such outings still go on but i had abstain from it because everyone fuck and cum without condom.


teh tareeq said...

All these guys are just being egoist and most of all .... Male Chauvinistic Pigs .... they go round to have fun and looking for free fucks .... when they had their fun .... they said these girls were trash and sluts ....
Common guys ... you all are just as Trash... if not worst.
I was in the airline as long as BT... and I can said that there are stewards who are also bad .... there are a few who become gigolos to get extra pocket money .... there are also a few who wrack the life of decents stewardess and some girls .... So dont just judge and blame the stewardess. I am not siding anyone one but just telling the facts .... being a steward or stewardess is not a bad thing ... it is just a job ... however it is the individual person to be blame ... whether he or she is of good character in the first place ...

Virgin gal said...

I agree with teh tareeq.Perhaps these guys are just sour grapes,didn't get a **** and pretend to have bedded many stewardesses. Not all fss are bad.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that whoever that pass such remarks are just being a sour grape. Just cause they can't get stewardess as girlfriend, they want to put them so low can call them names and create a story (probably based on their fantasies). Pity such losers

Anonymous said...

There are black sheep in any profession. It's unfortunate that FSS like us then to interact more with people. We get invited to parties , get exposed to alcohols , maybe drugs and sex ...come on , we are human after all. Just because a minority tend to get overboard , does not make all of us that bad !

It's not fair to pass judgement in any specific group.

Sto being such a sour grape , MCP and CB mouth !

Matahari :)

Anonymous said...

Just one word for the guys who comment so negatively about FSS - PATHETIC. - CoffeeDrinker

BT said...

I simply love Matahari but never got to "love" here.She does not anyhow "give" otherwise uncle here oredi dapat or like they say "napped" "napped" hehehe.
Mata is an good example of a decent stewardess.

Anonymous said...

Ah yo ...Uncle BT , where you want old FSS like me. You will always go for the young sweet thing. Even during the good old days when I was in Blue , you don't even give me a second look !! hahahahh :)

You are so funny. :)

Matahari :)

Didn't take advantage of youn gal said...

Mata when u were a young fss u came across as a "flying nun" innocent and gullible and thats why I dare not go near u or else kena complained den get sack how?

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

it upsetting to hear BASTARDS ranting with NO BRAINS! I believe that stewardess can also settle down and have perfect lives and family! I have known many other stewardess like myself who are perfect mothers now! Look at your own bloody lives before you point your god almighty fingers to call someone else trash and sluts!

pom said...

hahaha..stewardess lol

Raymond said...

I want to relatem my story.

I had a cabin crew gf before. I met this girl and she was working in Silkair. She used to be from JAL but later as she's decided she want to do something which will alows her to come back home almost everyday, hence moving down.

When I met her, she had just broke off with her bf 2 weeks back. And during the courting stage, have asked her countless time if she had really gone over her ex. Well she assured me that Yes she has. Then we got together on my birthday, which I tot was the best birthday present I've ever got for the year.

1st week together was just like any new relationship, honeymoon period. Everything was so sweet, until it came down to the second week. She started throwing tantrum at me, and I was having some certification training and examinations at that point of time. Naturally I got frustrated, quick-tempered and argued back. Normally I tend to give in to my ex-gfs' tantrum, especially during the early stage of our relationship but probably due to the stress i'm facing at that time, i didn't. The arguements went on continuously for 4 days, and she eventually initiated a break-off with me. From begining to end, 14 days is all it lasted.

I realised my mistakes on my part and tried to salvage the whole thing, explaining to her what I was going through at that point of time, telling her that the certification was something very important to my career's prospect. But it all falls into deaf ears. She didn't even want to clear the air with me personally or over the phone. Everything was just through smsing. Until 1 fine day, she send me a message, saying she wanted to be back with her ex and asking me to stop contacting her.

I talked to the people close to me about this incident, many of them relating the problem down to her profession. Saying stewardess are always like this, maybe it's just an excuse for her to break off as I'm still not considered very well-established yet. Further more as she's on the same age as me, she felt that she can't afford to have another failed relationship, or wait for me till i'm fully established in my career. This is also the story as to why I'm asking people to contribute their thoughts, opinions and comments on ladies working in this industry.

But I have seen some really good ones and she's just living next door to me. My neighbour, both husband and wife are both from SQ. They got married and when the wife is pregnant, she quitted her job and become a full-time housewife. They are now a happy family with 3 kids adding to their joy. One of my close buddy whom is getting married in 20 days time, his wife-to-be is also a stewardess from SQ. She a very nice lady, with nice personalities and characters too. Not those shallow, looking for material wannabes. From the statistics I draw out from these 2 different kind od women working in the same line, i realised that those more independent and possess proper etiquette ones are those of more high-educated one. Whereas those whom went in with only an O level certification tend to be more materialistics and shallow.


Very interesting blog.. I chance upon this blog when I googled for "Singapore Airlines Stewardess Sluts". Boy, was I surprised to find an established blog dedicated to this topic!

Seems so far, your tales from the crypt relates more to the unsavoury behaviours of the flight attendants. What about the shenanigans btw tech crew and SQ stewardess?

I for one am married to a FO on the B777 fleet, and i don't parade the pseudo kebaya by Pierre Balmain.

My husband and I were friends since 16, went to same college, same university. We dated since Uni for 6 yrs before marriage. Married for 5 yrs,we have 2 young sons, the younger just 2 months shy of 1yr.

My husband was in the corporate sector, prior to switchin to SQ. Silly me, supported his move as he always had a passion for flying.

I frequently go on biz trips for work. Once, I had a last min cxl of a biz trip - my husband didn't expect me to be in SG. He landed the evening before but only returned home the next day. I was 6 months pregnant with our 2nd child then.

I confronted him, but of course he feigned innocence on his part. Onus was on me to uncover the dirt. Checked his hp bills, he chalked up over $400 of overseas charges on long conversations to a local number. Called the number, an Ah Lian-sounding lady picked up. (Don't mean to be condescending but the standard of SQ stewardess has really gone down. While some are well spoken, most should really consider a course in British Council).

It was not until i "stole" my husband's hp that I finally made sense of the situation.

There were mushy sms from a string of SQ gals. Now one interesting thing about these gals, they all go by glamorous English names even though their IC is registered with their Hanyun Pinyin names. Sms from gals with names like Ayu, Evone, Janice, Joyce, Kelly, Lisa, Melinda, Monica,Sally,Sherie, Yvonne. Gosh, he got the Alphabets covered!

Now, you men must be thinking "typical SQ sluts" by now. But hold your horses, the bigger slut is my husband. While some of these women knew of his marital status, most did not. He conveniently carries himself as a single man (sans wedding ring...the wedding ring gets in the way of holding the control he says). He parties at Zouk, Thumper, MOS when I'm away on biz trips. Even bring his buddies along; he the eager supplier of the "goods".

Categories of SQ stewardess:
1) Materialistic and shallow types
I confronted the list of gals that he was involved with. And I made sure that they all knew that he was playing all at the same time. And i made sure they knew each other (power of mass sms).

Their reactions were revealing of their characters. Some turned hysterical demanding that he makes a decision between them and his marriage. Some simply insisted that they be reimbursed for the mountain of overseas charges they incurred whispering sweet nothings over the phone. Hilarious!

Then there are the devils. Those, knowing he is married, blatantly flirt and gift-wrap themselves.

They are so bold as to "request" favors to buy duty free items from cosmetics to perfumes. Even though staff discounts apply to all in SQ at Changi Airport.

2) "Victimized" lot
This lot includes but not limiited to:
The bright-eye bushy-tailed newbies. The Chief Flight Stewardess, Leading Stewardess hitting their shelf life in the dating market. Those with hopeless boyfriends on the side who can't maintain their lifestyles.

Prime targets for tech crew. Tech crew being prime catch for these stewardess.

When you think about it, who wants to work as an airline stewardess. It's tough, gruelling job. Stale and dry cabin air, tonnes of make up, bad skin, serving demanding passengers, shuffling around like a geisha in kebaya. Seriously, the SQ kebaya is a job hazard! Constantly monitored for weight and looks, it's no wonder that SIA has high turnover among cabin crew. But they go into the line fully aware of the demands of the job and image of the company. When an airline markets its stewardess and of course not forgetting it's excellent service ..underlying mantra ...Sex sells.

Those who enter with O-levels are especially vulnerable. Without much qualifications, they are stuck in the job. It's a respectable job with good perks but disillusionment easily sets in. It is no surprise that they look for exit doors, and they may come in the form of execs in business class (or even economy class), second officers, first officers or even Captains.

So there you have it. A display of Marslow Hierachy of Needs. Typical women using all their resources to satisfy their needs to ensure that they remain in the gene pool.

It is convenient to generalize SQ stewardess as sluts, flirts, sex maniacs, drug fiends. (Some of terms that turned up by googling SIA stewardess).

Essentially, such 'relationships' boil down to a transaction. They have the goods to sell, and men (tech crew, male cabin crew or men in general) are the ready buyers.

Those searching for a life partner rightly or wrongly, driven by desperation from pressures of the job; cling on the best catch possible.

In my husband's case, he is the biggest slut, not the SQ stewardess.

Anonymous said...

I think those guys simply have no ears. 'Listen to yourself you Dogs!' How can they be so shallow themselves and yet got the cheeks to comment on other people. Get a life stupid Dogs..

Anonymous said...

To the guy named David and those who agree with him: I think a slut suits u dickheads dead well.. Quick, Go get one now.. Its free!

And for the Anonymous who said stewardess are fuck toys: Oh poor child.. so sexual deprived.. Go fuck yourself.

MisoKovac said...
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Anonymous said...

i agree with MisoKovac in every detail. i loved a girl who was the same age . our love was mutual until she became a stewardess . i was a student and she was working still the relationship went smoothly for 3 years until she found someone better . i loved her with all my heart and begged to her to reconsider but she left me without any second thoughts. she left me for a dumb DJ who used her and threw her away . after 4 months she comes back to me and promises me that she will change and that she wants to become my life partner . i eventually took her back cause i truly loved her . after that exactly after 1 year she was two timing with me , i got to know from her own brother . when i caught her red handed she boldly said that i wasnt understanding and was immature . damn this whore i was with her for 7 years through all her turbulent days and this is what she gives me. after such a close bonding she changed overnight and her excessive partying changed her character within minutes. this is my true story , i am 22 and dont want to reveal my identity cause of the foolish decision i made . i dont mean any offence to stewardesses but my only advice to such women is to stay away from honest and sincere guys. i hate that woman and cause of her , i am not able to love any other girl. hope you guys think with your brains than your heart and get wiser. good luck .

Anonymous said...

I love SQ sluts.....they are so horny n good on bed !!! Oh my .....

Anonymous said...

Real life story - I was in my twenties and she was an air hostess with Gulf Air. Her letters seemed honest and I imagined she was the girl of my dreams. On her 2/3 day stays she would literally beg for extreme sex and I used to think it was all about missing me. We eventually got married. After our first 2 years she started to invent all sort of stories to avoid making love to me. As years went by she started to dictate everything and our love life consisted of once or twice monthly.It all became clear, during her 3 years with the airline she messed out with many big spenders probably Arab businessmen that hook hostesses on the plane and use them for fuck toys! She obviously missed the high life and hated sex and messed my life. I even found out recently from her then'friends'about cocaine and hashish parties that went on in Bahrain in the mid 80's. My advice to all men is, never even consider marrying an air hostess!