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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mother F***** Boss and dreams

There was a asshole boss whom we had to work under. He was an old fashioned school teacher type of boss. I don't want to mention what position he was holding because in the firstplace he did not even deserved to be our superior. Ho got his promotion by default.

We buggers were more cultured people having served dignitaries and accompany VIPs and we knew the finer side of dealing with our subordinates. That MF boss was mainly confined to box in the office all the umpteens years that he did not know what is outside of his box (office la stupid..hehehe).

He had this bad and rude habit of shouting at his subordinates and chided them,me included.Well well I don't wanna talk about him cos he makes me sick even now as I talk about him in my blog....aiya better tok abt something else hor.....hehehe.

The other nite I dreamt of "soaring" in the sky but not ina SIA's plane. It was another airline I was with. I was the chief purser (equivalent of IFS in SQ la ah gong gong...hehehe). Then I saw all those stewardesses in our cabin NAKED serving the paseengers. I can't believed what I saw and started to rub my eyes. I knew I was somewhere but not in reality realm.

One of the stewardesses then called me saying "hey boh tong don't just stand there and look at us, help us ok?" "Touch my tits and see whether they are firmed or not cos our company insist that all gals must have big firmed boobs.." I proceeded to gently feel her breasts and they felt warm and spongy. I told her she passed the co's test and all of a sudden she took me by my hand and led me to the Suite that was "beyond first class"...u know like the one on SQ A380. She pinnd me down on the bed and started to strip her uniform. Now I remember her uniform looked like the ones SQ gals wear. But it was different bcos the designer was a China man by the name of How Lian. Mind, I was so confused bcos I don't know where I was.....u know like in most dreams...

The next thing I realised when I wanted to strip myself and have that stewardess, I was in a cafe in London. It was strange because I have not been to London for the last 2 years. I was with a lady passenger of mine. She was a blond with blue eyes, about 30 years old and she was rubbing my thigh under our table. I felt sexually aroused and I ......


Anonymous said...

Ay..nice article by BT i will say nice things too ok! Relax can or not...u must be Fann wonder u anti me.


Zoe Tay

Titi said...

Frankly i dun noe wat u guys above are talking abt. U are just wasting space by commenting nonsensical things.