I hope u can publish my story in ur popular blog so as to let others learn from my lesson of marry a stewardess.
I was a senior cc and on one of my flts i met a beautiful new stewardess. Let me call her lilly.That flt was lily's 1st and i was a leading steward (ls). Lily was stunnigly beautifu and sexy.More than that lily was an innocent naviee gal of 18 yrs. I fell in love with her the moment i set eyes on her.
As lily was new she was nervous and scared of the other crew,in particular the senior stewardesses who could be merciless and bullies. As such lily through her body language sought my protection,which i did.
I was kind to lily not only because i feel for her.I was always kind and patient with new crew,having been one myself yrs ago.
During our stay in sydney,i took lily for a tour. I took care of lily during that stay in sydney. We could get along very well and enjoyed each other company. I never took advantage of her and she respected me for that.
After the flt arrived at s'pore, we exchanged phone nos.We promised to keep in touch.
We dated whereever we went.I changed flts to fly with her (she was not allowed to change flts as she was still under probabtion).We flew to Lon,usa,europe,australia within the next few months.
BT i will send u another portion if i see that u post this bit of my story. Thank u sir!