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Thursday, 25 June 2009

A senior steward's love story continues

Hi BT,

Thanks for posting my story.Now i can continue with my story about lily. You know BT lily was a gracious and sweet young thing. We continued to date but i never did go to bed with her. It was not tat i can't but i don want to give her the wrong impression. I don want lily to think tat i was like other stewards or pilots,ever ready to screw or take bodily advantage of a new stewardess.

One day, when lily was having her shower in the hotel room,i curiously opened her hand bag and to my dismay i found a letter dated a few days ago by her boyfriend. She told me she did not have any bf but she lied. From the letter,her bf was a married man whom she wanted to break off because of me. Her bf friend refused and told her he would divorce his wife for her. In that letter he also reminded lily of the time they had each other,u know like how they made love in his car,hotel room in s'pore(he was a office staff not a crew)etc. The description of how wild they were in sex made me very horny and i just could hold back my desire to have her too. Then at this moment i opened the bathroom door and it did not startled lily.She looked like she was prepared for me to come into the shower. My golly lily was well endowed with nice big solid hard breasts.Her nipples were pink.With the water flowing over her body,she looked like a someone who had to be fucked. Lily beckoned me to join her in the shower. I straightaway stripped myself naked and joined lily. She was dam sweet because he stood down and blowed my little "brother" which was solid hard by now. We kissed and rubbed the liquid soap against each other naked bodies.It was a indescribable sensation.
I carried her in that wet condition to the bed and devoured her over aand over again.

BT i got to stop here as i have an uninvited guess now. Will email you the complete story later.


Anonymous said...

wow tis story make me want to screw my sexy wife tonight who will be flying off tmr.

Anonymous said...

quick quick tell more mr. leading steward of sia.