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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Switched off that damn handphone!

Meg bumped into her ex boy friend (Tony) and was invited to have a drink with him at St James Power Station. They had a nice time reminiscing the time they were together as lovers.
Meg and Tony broke up because of many reasons. Today Meg has a new boy friend and Tony a new girl friend.
Half way through the night, Meg invited Tony to her flat. Her bf was working on night shift. They continued their drinking in her flat. As sure as the night would slipped into dawn, they both ended up in bed.
About 6 am,Meg's bf called her on her handphone. It was a customary call to wake her up for her work. The call also woke Tony up.
After the conversation, Tony started to fondled Meg's naked body. They were again sexually stirred up and started to have another round of sex.
Sexually these two were compatible and they missed each other. They split for about a year.
Over the other end of the handphone,Meg's bf was quietly listening to the oos and aahs coming from Meg who was lying next to her unswitched off handphone.
Meg's bf was so jealous that he broke his shift and rushed home to catch them in bed.
Guess what happened next?

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