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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Ex IFS Enchik Gregory Chong pt. 2

I don't mean to open up old wounds re: Gregory Chong but this ex stewardess email me the following:

Dear Boh Tong,

Many thanks for your prompt reply .. Enchik .. my ex lover!? .. I dont think so, he was my IFS! Infact he was one of the best IFS i worked with.


Gregory Chong was accused by one of the team's FSS (can't even remember her name) for molesting her (I AM PRETTY SURE THAT WAS THE ACCUSATION ..MIND YOU IN HAS BEEN MANY YEARS)... both me and another FSS was called in as witnesses by the union for the hearing.. I was of course all for Greg as there were to many loopholes in her story and plus on more than one occasion when he was accused of being with her, he was with the FS and myself ...

That's all ... i just wanted to know if he is ok and what happened after...

You are right Boh Tong he was a nice man, on the ball , but a very very very very nice man!

I will give you an update of mylife after SQ in another email ... and you are right there is a life after SQ!

Ex SIA stewardess.


Anonymous said...

Enchik is working for MRT. He patrols the trains. Saw him once from Orchard to Toa Payoh line. He has aged greatly.

Sue said...

Enchik has aged greatly?? alamak thgt he is still youthful in looks.

Anonymous said...

you want his number...

boh tong said...

yes pls give me his hp no.