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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another crew gone and more going soon!

IFS Rex Pek had just retired less than a year and unfortunately died of cancer yesterday (today's obituary in Straits Times). Of course he was sick for a while and chemo didn't work for him. I was told he died of colon cancer.
How many crew and ex crew had passed away this year? I can't count really. I also heard another IFS is having severe Parkinson and his wife is having cancer. An ex check steward and station manager Doraisamy is also very sick with cancer.Heard he has outlived the 6 months his doctors gave him but looking at him it's only a matter of time.I wish them speedy recovery.
As for myself,I am grateful to the Almighty for giving me good health.But then it's also a matter of time. If I could chose the way I am to die,I would certainly don't want to suffer from having cancer nor any bedridden sicknesses. I would prefer to die in my sleep....yes peacefully without pain nor fear.
To tell the truth,I often thought I had died in my sleep but only to wake up to reality that I am still kicking and alive. One day or night,I hope to wake up in the land of the blessed with angels and nice "people" around me. Can just imagine it's gonna to be a place where there will be no bitterness,no malice,no SIA management,no union,no nasty passengers or any bad and negative feelings around you.
We shouldn't fear death but take it as a way of escape from this horrible place call earth and dwell in eternity with our Almighty, friends and loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Can it be due to the nature of our work ? Really sad man ! Some suppose to go, did'nt go. Some not suppose to go, Went ! Thats Life I suppose !

ex crew said...

The job is very taxing what more with the different time zones the crew have to endure. Its only a matter of time before the crew would succumb to serious illnesses.
Forget about being an aircrew.

Anonymous said...

I believe, there are some scientific findings indicating that 95% of flight crew(tech & cabin) will leave this world with cancerous illnesses of all kind. So its not a secret that the job although comes with many perks, does has its down side. People come, people go but the world still move on, let alone SIA. It is sad to hear about people dying and suffering, so we can only live our lives to the fullest without any regrets.

Len said...

Rex looked healthy when i last saw him.As far as i know he never smoke and drink in moderation.His bro Roy smokes and drinks like a fish and yet outlived him. Very sad indeed to hear so many crew died. This 3 months alone it was Philip Voon,Haleem,Mike Chew TC,Rex and who else?

AVV said...

the cause of these problems is the cosmic radiation. As we all know, UV exposure in atmosphere is greater in intensity than what we have on earth surface. These eventually could cause the genetic mutation which could cause cancer. I hope this could anwer the question..

AVA said...

AVV said...
the cause of these problems is the cosmic radiation. As we all know.....

Wah lau AVV u so cedever one.Are u a doctor or wat?

Anonymous said...

Its retribution. Wait and see. Management is not spared either. Just that we do not hear of their demise... not that we need to.
The families that suffered upon judgement by their doing. Thinking that if they gave instructions via hints and political speak.. they will not be detected.
Same goes for the Union. Thinking that they "waste" one member for the good of the remainder, just to appear to be on the same side of the table.
Wait patiently.The price will be known. wait.
Retribution... time is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

LKY is goin soon...