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Monday, 26 October 2009

Away from union politics.....

Many people come here and may not understand about cc union issues and so they left in a hurry. As expected,people visit this blog to hear about juicy stories and gossips about crew. Ok ok I got a story coming up and it's a real story which I have not told before.
There was an ex colleague of mine called CH (Chee Hong..aiya not his real name la). He was damn egoistic and he thought with his Elvis Presley curry puff hairstyle he was handsome and sexy (yucks!).To be honest the stewardesses nicknamed him as the Tancho man ( tancho was a brand name of a greasy hair cream popular in the 1970s).
One night in an overseas hotel room he was with a newbie stewardess. It was not that Lyn the newbie liked to be with him in her room.She was forced to entertain him as he was her check steward and had an appraisal on her. Those days the stewardesses dared not complain about senior crew. Therefore CH took advantage of the situation and let himself into her room.
He brought a bottle of whisky,hoping to make Lyn drunk that night.
CH didn't realised that Lyn was a champion drinker.
After a few glasses of whisky water, CH started to strip himself to his underwear. He began to persuade Lyn to go to bed with him.
Lyn played along and started to pour more whisky for CH.They both yam seng and in no time CH was pissed. Lyn seized the opportunity and pushed CH out of her room. Then Lyn call security and CH was apprended.


Anonymous said...

that cce of yours has been sacked right?

boh tong said...

Ya la he was given early retirement.

Anonymous said...

Is this so called Ex CCE of indian origin but name sounds quite angmoh? Name starts with an "R" and surname starts with "S"?

I flew with one quite sometime back sounds exactly like him!!! takes advantage of all the female crew onboard, talks dirty and hands going everywhere!!!Thinks that he's God's gift to woman!!!

Super Sick BasxxxD!!!

Fiona said...

Richard Shotam another one was Richard Samuel but both were IFS. There was an ex CCe and his name was Raja S. Can't think of any one else.

Anonymous said...

shortie is history

ah ahia said...

Anonymous said...
shortie is history
I said...

Very very true,he's gone dead and burried!