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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Birthday party but not for me.

Eddy is celebrating his 60th birthday party in one of the local hotels in S'pore. Among his guests are the chairman,ceo,former svpcc Eddie J,former evp Michael Tan, some hotshots from NUTC. He forgot to invite his former colleague Alan Tan whose team defeated him in the last union election. He also forgot to invite ex svpcc who was closed to him at one time Sim K.W., myself and ah Song.
Although he didn't invite most of us here lets wish a "Happy 60th Birthday" and may he have a happy retirement too!


EDDIE CHEW said...

All here are invited to my party. Will let all here know the time and venue.

Anonymous said...

Alamak don't con us pls for we know tonight 10 Oct 09 Saturday is the party. This confirmed you are not EDDIE CHEW!

Anonymous said...

may he retire in poverty

Anonymous said...

let the biggest cheat suffer for the things he has done to others.even his ppl are running away from him.some even stayed away from his last birthday dinner

Anonymous said...

Another sour grape 'cos he not invited to the Party of the Year.

John Lim said...

Can't wait to arrange for him another birthday BASH after he leaves this month.