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Friday, 2 October 2009

What do u think of this comment?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Chief steward arrested.":

Prepare to leave Cabin Crew.
Its a deathtrap.
Do not be lull into a false sense of security.
10% cut, flight patterns cut,
promotion debatable, its no longer a workplace that recognises passion.
Its a witch hunt.

If you are above 45, you are caught.
Cant leave because of loans and kids.
If you are below 45, you think you are still valued.Think again.

Think you can survive by just following the book, stay in your room, be a nice supervisor, be nice to union, be nice to ward leader, sign up for courses, dont offload things, dont report sick?

Many others have done that already. Yet, one wrong move...
.. one carton of milk, one copy of newspaper, one wrong word, one decision that management feels is wrong, one accusation that you did not close the bar...

6000 crew... 10 less is not going to make any difference to SQ..
They are very confident 200 more will take your place.. and its encouraged by many blog sites that earn money by claims that they know the secret to be a airline crew.

Prepare to leave cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

Very true and well said and well written.Thank you my friend I will take heed of your advice.

Anonymous said...

Its very TRUE !!! From an existing crew... =(

Anonymous said...

Whoever u are u must be very sad to be a SIA cabin crew. Are u also preparing to leave cc or u are over the 45 group?
Ricky Chew left SIA before he turned 45 and now he is the CEO of Fish & Co and so was Lambert.
SSTan left when he was 57 and now he is contented being a dogsitter,mover,pet taxi man,blogger and what have you.

Ex Crew said...

There is more to life than being a CC. The faster you leave, the earlier you start establishing yourself on the outside. Its takes a few yrs to find your niche outside. 20 yrs ago when u left CC, you could get a Job as a Asst Mgr in any of the Hotels. Today you'll be lucky if they employ you as a Conceige or a Bellhop. There is no add value in being a ex CC anymore.

was never a cc said...

Go drive a taxi would be healthier and safer because you do not have to cross different time zones,subject to cosmic radiation,unfair management practices etc.Leave before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

sad to say, but it's very true for cabin crew of singapore airlines..
It will be down the drain in another few years time.. lesser singaporeans are joining, its made up of mainly foreigners from india,china and malaysia, who dun mind working like dogs and being ill treated...

Anonymous said...

It is true. Many crew are very creative and talented. They are also able to think outside the box.
That is why they were selected too.

If you have what it takes to be a SQ crew, then that is what the job market outside wants too!

You are all able to make decisions that are balanced and meet the interest of customers and staff. Why continue to do excellent work and not be recognised? One wrong move ( which is entirely human ) will send you for a disciplinary inquiry. You may not get the sack.
But would you still have the fire?

You would have no choice but to stay... only because you had stayed too long and got comfortable and lazy.

Most cabin crew have great, likeable persona.. are quick thinkers while on your feet ( the more senior ones )and extremely resourceful. These are qualities that many employers outside of SQ would love.Do not waste your effort in a job that appears to pay well.
Go and allow your skills and attitude to be appreciated by others... you will be surprised how many jobs are available that you can do.. and yet be able to afford to fly to JFK or TYO

Free tickets? Oh! gimme a break man!.. and balloting? and get treated like dirt? ( dont forget to inlcude the list price to your tax )
Spend your energy and focus on doing really a good job and what you are passionate about.
Where you will be appreciated. and not be spied, hunted and threatened and made to be totally indebted to an employer that knows you as staff no: 000076543H who offloaded a coke, and did not submit an MC whithin x days, and " sorry, your application for annual leave in Dec cannot be approved due to quota.." and yet, some still think its a great Fortune 500 comapny.... oh! boy!

Anonymous said...

Its indeed a sad day...

The perishable food stuffs left to rot in the carts are used by yr subordinates to "whack" U
While standing on a Moral high ground...

I'm not condoning the act whether is right or wrong...In life u can be right...but that doesn't make U correct..
I'm just lamenting the improper use of the "channels" and the self deluded high Moral grounds that the accuser/s used.
Remember..TWO wrongs doesnt make a RIGHT!

Now these fellow CC is going to go back to work...
Are they going to work with a "Immunity" Badge??
a "Double OO license"?? aka Jane and James Blonde?? exemption from the Mgmt?

Think abt it..

10 over pairs of eyes are eyeing U...

A forgotten pen conveniently left in the uniform...
A stack of post Its...
A few post cards that u've given out and "landed" in yr bag..
A Playing card for yr friend...
A Squarepants for yr new nephew or niece....
A Magazine...
A Paper....
A soft drink that u drank n stepped out onto the aerobridge still clutching it coz u were so busy with the turnaround that that's the 1st drink u had...(Technically,the Moment u STEPPED out of the Plane- U r PILFERING!!RIGHT??)

An average of 6 flights a month...x 2 sectors x 10 people watching U....

Good luck to the IFS,LS n LSS ( this is the 03 crew from what i heard )

God Bless U
The Pope

Anonymous said...

Let's support and help the Union to be Strong. We will act and fight on your behalf. We hear all your anger and feel your pain, but we need more time to correct things right.
Give US, the heart team 01 more term. We will prove that your choice is right, like the last election.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Alan and his team. With the financial crisis looming now, he managed to find alternatives to avoid retrenchment.Compare today and the day of the SARs. SARs lasted only 06 months and there was retrenchment. Today's financial crisis lasted much longer and there is no retrenchment. Kudos to Alan and team. At least now I can still able to feed my family and bring back the bacon though its not as much as before the crisis. Thank you Alan and team for finding alternatives to avoid retrenchment. Me and my friends votes are with you and your team.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Alan and team is working very hard to serve the crew. Support them forever. They are the only hope to extend crew's employment life to 65.

boh tong said...

Alan is a sincere person and he has proven himself and not like someone else who can't even stop management from retrenching the staff when there was a crisis.
Kudos to the HEART team and Alan I am proud of you tho you may not remember me.

PeterPan said...

Work until 65? I do not want to work until 65 lah.If kena work until 65 then SQ need to re-config the a/craft with rails on the sides so that I can hold the rails while walking in the cabin.Also they must have more wheelchairs and walking sticks for me to use. If can, supply some oxygen bottles for me to use as need to breath if walk too much.

whole life said...

"bring home the bacon"
Not much to bring.. we all have a choice: stay in a job that will end up as old folks home
or look towards an engaging future like BT has... capitalise on other people's thoughts, gripe and saucy tales..
But that is just one.

For the rest of cabin crew... get a life lah.. leave the comfortable Hilton hotel and spread your wings.
There is so much to do out there!

Whole life complain and complain.
Whole life dependant on Alan(union)
Whole life indebted to someone else
Whole life anxious about roster.

Special breed indeed

Boh Tong said...

whole life said...look towards an engaging future like BT has... capitalise on other people's thoughts, gripe and saucy tales..

hello friend i am getting older and wld be grateful to God if He let me live healthily for more years to come. Rex was younger than me and already what future are u taloking abt huh? Also dun be like tat la and say i capitalise on ppl's thoughts and saucy tales...