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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Job or dog?

She was late for an appointment with her manager. Stewardess Jill was to see her manager regarding a passenger's complaint about her work.
Jill was very late and when she turned up at the office she explained to her manager about why she was late. She had to attend to her pet dog who was in labour.
The manager was furious because punctuality is an important factor in the airline business. He then asked her " which is more important,your job or your dog?" to which replied "my dog sir".
Jill was "grounded for 3 months as a punishment for giving the above answer.

PS: when a cc is "grounded", he or she was assigned a desk job in the office and hence lower take home pay due to loss of allowances had they work on the flights.


Anonymous said...

............... wrong for giving the honest answer. sheesh

Anonymous said...

but is it wrong for the manager to punish her?

Anonymous said...


It is inhumane!

Management only knows about punishment.

At least she is being HONEST!

Guess she is being taught from young "Not to tell a lie".

Did all the management staff teach their children that?

Speaks volume about what sort of management system in place.