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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Pipe smoking passenger.

This passenger lighted his pipe on a flight.The cabin crew tried to stop him but to no avail. He was aggresive and abusive towards the cc. The commander of the flight was informed of the situation. He made an annoucement ordering the said passenger to put out his pipe but the passenger refused.
Smoking pipes and cigars is a safety hazard and being in a closed environment like in an aircraft could be offensive to fellow passengers.
The commander left his cockpit and visited the pipe smoking passenger. After much persuasion and repeated refusal to put out his pipe,the captain grabbed a fire extingusher and pointed at the passenger. Before he could pull the trigger,the passenger suddenly fell on his knee and beg for mercy. The pipe was put out by the cc. The passenger slumped in his seat in shame and slept throught out the flight.


Anonymous said...

Didn't the cc just explain how much penalty that he will pay for smokking in airplane ???

boh tong said...

yes cc explained but he was defiant la.

Anonymous said...

so much is the penalty?

Anonymous said...

but still he has to pay the penalty for that action after the plane arrived at destination right ?
i wonder .... up to us$2000 maybe ??

boh tong said...

The matter was not reported to the police otherwise he would be fined.