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Sunday, 27 December 2009

SVP wants "swee sweet" girls.

Heard tat the current svp cc instructed the interviewers to only recruit nice looking girls as stewardesses. He can do tat just for now because he does not require many cc.In fact, he took in less than 3% of the candidates interviewed in the last 2 recruitment exercises. In the next few months we will see whether his instruction is any good or not.
Come on la tell me which boss does not want the "swee swee" or nice looking girls huh? Even in Geylang if one is not the "swee swee"type where can one get customers rite?
All the previous svps aso want good looking and sexy girls as stewardesses but due to the supply and demand situation then even the "langar lorry" types got recruited.
Aiya history will repeat itself la....just mark my words (like I said SIA share will reach $14 again when it was $9 almost a year ago and few believe me...of course la those who have faith in me are now laughing their way to the bank).
I dun have to be an economist to know the law of supply and demand cos common sense will tell tat I am not wrong.
Btw most if not all the svps were at least 2nd class upper honors degree holder. As for me,I hold a MCBS and tat's why I am seldom wrong.


Anonymous said...

MCBS ? My Coo-coo Boey Stand ! ;-)

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
MCBS ? My Coo-coo Boey Stand ! ;-)

Ha ha ha...u so funi one!

Anonymous said...

"Swee Sweet Girls" is that true?
If that's true better to have a few "Showcase" inside the aircraft.
So that all the girls can be put on display only.
No need to do anything else. :)

Guess they ran out of ideas.

May be that is an innovative idea.

Hope that all the "Swee Sweet Girls are not blonde.


KamaSutra said...

Karma last i heard was sia wanted SYT but now "swee sweet" girls.What does that means?

Anonymous said...
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Good Looking CC said...

SVP's wife is so ugly, yet he wants swee swee gals, wat a joke!!

How can one be so bloody rude? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.So his wife to u may be ugly but u may be uglier to him and that's why he did not marry u...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Yes.So damn rude.He/She have not even met SVP TPT wife and pass rude remark.His/Her wife/husband must also be ugly thats why he/she think so.Aniway, if CC have swee swee gals, it wld be good as most assholes in CC always complain that the gals in CC are langgar lorry.

Boh Tong said...

I removed the rude comment about SVPcc's wife because I think it was an unfair comment.
Pls comment responsibly or else I will delete it when I come across it.