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Friday, 15 January 2010

He is in trouble again.

Harry is a senior cc. He loves to gamble. He would speculate on the stock market as well as gamble in casino.

At one time Harry made it big, perhaps a couple of millions from stocks. He bought a nice big house in Bukit Timah worth a few million bucks. The cars he and his stewardess wife drove was no less than a few hundred thousand bucks each.
They enjoyed life and still continued to fly as cabin crew.
One day when the stock market crashed, Harry's lost everything. He told me the banks with whom he borrowed money auctioned his house,cars etc and even his bicycle. Then he downgraded to an old 4 roomed HDB flat.
He stopped speculating on stocks and also stopped gambling in casinos.
Lately,I heard Harry is in trouble again.Poor Harry!This time he borrowed money from his stewardesses during a stop in Europe. He bluffed them he needed money urgently for his folks in Europe who were sick. They used their credit cards and withdrew money for him. He promised he would write a cheque when he check out with them to fly home.
During check out time, Harry was absent. The stewardesses from whom he borrowed money were shocked to hear that Harry was not flying back with them. He was on medical leave.
In Singapore,the stewardesses waited for him and managed to meet Harry on one of his departure days. Harry told them he was broke and would pay them when he collected his pay. Again he failed to pay them. This time the gals brought their boy friends and met Harry. They almost beat him up but he begged them to give him time to pay them which he never did. The case was reported to the office but I dun know what action they took against Harry. Anyone knows about this case..of course his real name isn't Harry.


Anonymous said...

that was so the way Mr. B.T. anyone knows where is Kris Chee? she is very popular in SIA..any comments on her?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Kris has retired (finished her contract)

No! No! No! ( noknok) said...

The original "would you like to have sauce over your balls, sir?"is unable to add colour to the service on board.

Fabian was another.. along with "kiss kiss" tan.

The good old days when it was so hilarious!.. alas! its all VERY serious and uptight now.
No smoking!
No joking!
No Gambling!
No singlish!
No tattoos!
No talking!
No deviations!
No! No! No! No! No!

Anonymous said...

No to anything that is YES