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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

SIA cc a great place to work now!

From the polls I carried out (right side bar bottom la) CC isn't a good place to work. Frankly from my view point, it would just be the opposite.I will tell you why.

During the past one year the world's economy was in a deep recession. The financial crunch caught a lot of us by surprise. The travel industry was not spared and SIA lost a lot of money.
It was worse than the SARS crisis. What was gratifying was that SIA did not retrench a single crew or staff. Cabin crew division with hundreds of excess crew merely resort to a small paycut and encouraged its crew to go on unpaid leave. SIA lost 2 consecutive quarters.
This situation was not like that of SARS. During SARS, cc retrenched crew and shoved the early retirement to me and my colleagues (CCEs). There was panic in the division.
The current SVPcc did not take advantage of the financial situation of SIA to rid the crew. I think he is a smart and compassionate man and I salute him.
Had he been our SVP back then,my ex colleagues would have kissed his ass. To be honest, some of my ex colleagues cried when they had to leave cc. They had served loyally for umpteen years and had to leave in a hurry with only finger food served in the office as a farewell meal.
So cc you guys got be grateful to SVPcc cos he did not boot you out or else you will be having trouble financing your home and car mortgages.
FYI the ex boss including the unionist who cheered when the CCEs left has now received retribution. The said unionist subsequently lost the union election and had to retire with his tail behind his legs. Our ex-boss was booted out by the company.....hahaha the CCEs has the last laugh now.


Anonymous said...

Always Remember :

There is a God !

& God is Great !

Anonymous said...

Alleluia!! Shortie Chew & Shortie Sim.... more to come!

Anonymous said...

Haha what a ass kisser. What u know about the present SVP? U hv never interact with him be4. Dun pour ur negative sentiments n be judgemental in it own blog.
U CCE belongs 2 ASU not SIASU. Dun blame SIASU for ur mishap. Besides some of the CCE were a pain n the mgt feel for the crew then offer u golden hand shake.
U can dun take the offer like some of the executive today but took, u made a decision n leave so dun picker here 2 bitch who ever.

Anonymous said...

To the above :-


excce c/t said...

Anonymous said...
Haha what a ass kisser. What u know about the present SVP?..

For sure if TPT was the svpcc back then he won't have offered us the early retirement and we would have continued working and retired gracefully.
Look at the present situation and TPT save u guys your jobs. Be grateful and kiss TPT'c ass man!

Anonymous said...

To the excce c/t

In order to save your job, you openly say you will kiss ass. That clearly indicate your character. you have no integrity & pride in yourself. I believe you are one of those who will kill others just to make yourself look good, I feel so sad for you. Sad not because of your past but till now you still don't understand & learn.

You have no interaction with present SVP too, how you know he won't do the same? It's true there is no ONE retrenchment like before but do you know that the past 2 years how many seniors are not extended and ask to leave?

Again as I said, you were offered a package and you took it, why complain now? And retired gracefully? Is your choice. You can retired gracefully like Mrs Has... Tan.

Let it go and move on. You are already a grandfather.

Anonymous said...

Clap ! Clap ! Clap !

Well Said Again !

Anonymous said...

Balls carrier... TPT is a cunning fella, look at the amount of senior who were not extended and asked to leave as well as those kanna DI were sacked.. more to come.. to make way for the junior and younger crew for promotion... TPT kanna condemned to CC liao, he is suppose to leave but i guess no where else wans him, dats why he hentakaki..he is fed up so he will shop his true colours soon...

boh tong said...

alamak dun say i ball carrier lah. I merely make my point and after all why shd i carry TPT's balls? What wld i benefit huh?
The fact is u good for nutting snr crew were not retrenched undr TPT. As for retirement not extended it's bcos of the recession wat.
U snr crew sdh kiss TPT's ass for keeping u fellas.If it was another svp u wld have bin retrenched w/o benefits la.

Anonymous said...

Carry balls high high.CC is a lousy place now to work.Need to work quietly nowadays. Cannot joke or anyhow talk. Later kena SI (sack immediately) and also kena sai

retrenched crew of 2003 said...

Carry balls high high.CC is a lousy place now to work.

BUT You still got a job and not drive taxi like us.

Anonymous said...

How can it be that when people have jobs, they should be grateful?
The job in Cabin Crew or SQ for that matter is VERY insecure.
The slightest misconduct and there is the specter of termination.
Furthermore, the misconduct is determined by accusations from anonymous sources.

I would like to work in a job that is fun and be appreciated. This is what SQ does not have anymore.
Everything is documented, everything is reported and acted upon.. and to what ends? to satisfy accountability?

Then who is accountable for the current low morale? who is accountable for dips in the SPI?
It seems that Cabin Crew is always blamed. ( but never the managers.. always the IFS, CS,LS )

What about the union? who is accountable for the poor negotiations? again its the crew!
( becos they voted them in!!)

Who is accountable for allowing junior crew to write stories about their seniors?.. its a horrible climate to work in. I would not want to work in such an environment! There are plenty jobs elsewhere. Cabin crew is just a lifestyle and is not worth hanging on anymore.

Dr. JP said...

The one who commented just above this should leave cc asap.It is pointless to be in cc and don't feel secured. Go somewhere else if you are still wanted. Go before depression sets in.

Anonymous said...

go go.dont stay longer in cc.get a job outside and get back yr life.tink u onli talk cock.dare not leave but rant & rant.useless fella.

Anonymous said...

"What about the union? who is accountable for the poor negotiations? again its the crew!
( becos they voted them in!!)

Who is accountable for allowing junior crew to write stories about their seniors?.. its a horrible"


Roney said...

Vote for Ah Boon so Eddy can come back to sia to work???got to be joking man!
Eddy is history. Vote for Alan's heart team cc!

Anonymous said...

Roney must be joking.Eddy will come back.He will.He have the way and willpower.Then Alan & team will be sc**wed.

Anonymous said...

My take is,Alan's team will be out in the next election.Boon is capable and they have gathered a credible alamagated team.Alan's Heart team is now fragmented,disorganised and at best,weak.Eddie might be in as a consultant,with not much clout,so no worry of him 'abusing' his 'power'.Alan,tried to do his best for CC initially,but he bowed to pressure when he couldn't cope,through not wholly his fault,but the weakness of his support team.

Anonymous said...

My take is Eddie will come back to run the Union. He harbour the desire to come back and have the willpower to stay. Boon will be flying and leave the running of the Union to Eddie who will be paid by the Union. Even in the last administration, Boon had never agreed to be on the ground to do Union work as he cannot afford to sacrifice the loss of income due to not flying and the time to care for his young family. My take is that when Boon and team win, Eddie will be running the Union and the others will be subordinates. Eddie had been in this game for so very long and he totally understand the game and a master at it. I hope CC will bring Eddie back by voting for Boon and his team. With experience and the desire to hold to power, Eddie can do wonders.

Anonymous said...

Wonder for who? His cronies? Definately. Old dog cannot learn new tricks.

Anonymous said...

With new era and technology, old dog can learn new tricks if it is retrain.