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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why call me a balls carrier?

When I said "kiss TPT's ass" it does not mean literally. What I am trying to say is to be grateful to him.
TPT does well by not retrenching the crew. You and I know perfectly well the number of deadwoods in cabin crew. Not only are they deadwoods but drawing big fat salaries too. These are mostly senior cc ( not all ok cos there are some good ones too). Make a survey and ask the junior crew whether I am right or wrong (you will have one soon).
As to the senior crew's retirement not being extended why blame TPT? Blame it on the recession. TPT is merely doing his job. BUT he could have retrenched or offer early retirement to the senior crew like his predecessor.
There others who accused TPT of dismissing those male crew who molested the stewardesses or stole SIA's belongings. In fact those wrong doers were lucky to be sacked. There will come a day when another SVPcc would have these type of cases reported to the police and have them jailed and caned for molest or theft.
Hello senior cc be grateful la not only to TPT but to SIA as well who takes good care of you from the cradle to your grave!


Jr CC said...

Bohtong u are absolutely correct. These old farts would be either driving taxis or become unproductive housing agents(will give up in no time).

Anonymous said...

Yes.But thn again, while dey r in CC they tink dey r undervalued in terms of remunatn & expect more.Let c whn dey r out of CC, whether dey can earn more thn wat dey r getting nw.All d snr CC r yahyah.Tink so highly of themselves.Knn

boh tong said...

The 2 comments (above) justifies my post. Clap,clap...BT can't be wrong after 35 yrs as a cc hor? I know the snr crew and the wrong doers despise me for the things I've said about them but tat's the truth.
I dun side all my ex colleagues as well for some ought to be axed long time ago for being unproductive.All said the way in which they were asked to leave was wrong. In this aspect the current SVPcc is better tho I won't kiss his ass...hahaha.In fact personally I wld be disappointed if he was my svp back then because he won't let me go...ironical isn't it tat I wanted to leave SQ and not many of ex colleagues? WHY? ...mmm..dun want to boast too much of wat i can do outside of SQ..hahaha

A Serving CC said...

BT has always been brutally honest as we know him even when he was with SQ.
Thank you BT for your informative and frank and at times "talk cock" blog.

Anonymous said...

BT firstly, "kiss ass" & being grateful are like "chalk & cheese". Totally different.
Secondly "cradle to grave"??
Not unless you gonna die at 60 yrs old.