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Friday, 19 March 2010

Suddenly infidelity is a dirty word.

When Jack Neo and Tiger Wood were exposed for their infidelity,suddenly the whole world was talking about how bad it was for husbands to be unfaithful to their wives.
Infidelity or being unfaithful is an ongoing thing since time immemorial unless of course in certain culture it is acceptable for men to have mistresses or concubines.
In cabin crew it is no different. Crew had been unfaithful to their spouses ever since the airlines started having mixed gender cabin crew. Even before that,when all cc were female,the technical crew were guys and so infidelity was already there.
We often heard of married pilots having extra marital affairs with stewardesses and vice versa. Now most airlines have male cc and the cases of extra marital affairs between cc inevitably increase.
There are many Jack Neos and Tiger Woods in cc. It is just that many cases were not publicised.
The good thing about Jack and Tiger's wives is that they do not commit suicide after discovering their husbands' infidelity. On the contrary,Tiger's wife Elin clobbered him with his golf club.
In cc I recall at least 2 cases whereby the spouses killed themselves after finding out about their partners' unfaithfulness.

Case 1: A male crew jumped down from his flat witnessed by his wife after he found out she was having an affair with another man.

Case 2: A leading steward's wife killed herself on discovering his affair with another stewardess.

Another senior steward "killed" his cancer stricken wife by having an affair with their maid. His wife was so grieved that she died after finding out about the affair.

Many people simply tolerated their spouses' infidelity and continued their relationship for the children's sake.


Anonymous said...

Ya loh ! Ppl all talk very nice, but action is another thing !

Anonymous said...

What happened to the earlier comments which was very well said ? SS Tan ?

Anonymous said...

Support Voice P said...

Come Election, vote for the VOICE Party. We will endeavour to do the following :

1. Changes in how Meal Allowances
are computed.
2. No more variable crewing and
abolish all link flights.
3. No more three days operating
patterns.All nightstops to have
four days trip.
4. All long flights will have at
least three "NO DUTY"
full days of layover at each
5. All hotels to provide
complimentary food & beverages
in the crew rooms.The cost
savings from the free internet
can be channel to provide this.
Abolish free internet so that
crew can bond and make friends.
6. Change the contract of all the
female and male crew, in line
with govt policy on retirement -
no more contract. All to be on
retirement as guided by the law.
7. SIASU office to be open 24hrs a
day manned by a clerk and union
officials in line with crew
working hours.
8. All crew complaints/problems to
be addressed within eight hours
from the time the feedbacks are
reported and crew will be
informed thereafter.
10.All females who are pregnant
will take unpaid leave until
the birth of their child and
after that paid maternity leave
as outline by the law.If they
need more time to nurture their
child, to extend the paid
maternity leave with unpaid
maternity leave.Female crew are
guaranteed their jobs when they
come back.
11.To built a pool of part-time
crew to supplement point 10.
12.Those attaining the rank of IFS
& CS to retire at the age as
stipulated in the law. This also
apply to the female crew.
13.To take away the payout of the
current gratuity so as to allow
all to retire as guided by the
law.This will create loyalty
to the company.
14.To ensure that pilots are not
housed in the same hotels.

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March 21, 2010 11:33 AM

Anonymous said...

Alamak... every issue put up stupid manifesto. But this topic is also be included in their manifesto. "All Union leaders must keep mistress". Just like Their has been "conshitant" Demon Chew.

Anonymous said...

Let's not waste any precious time & energy on Voice party blog,etc.
Just vote for Alan Tan & his Heart Party. They are the crew(cum unionists) who really care for us.

Anonymous said...

We should be responsible to our loved one. Let not hurt them by doing something such as adulty. We are human not beast.

Anonymous said...


Tell this to Boh Tong loh !!!!