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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

SilkAir 185

A reader asked me about SilkAir 185 that crashed on 19 Dec 1997 and I reproduced below an article from Wikipedia:

SilkAir Flight 185, a Boeing 737-36N, registration 9V-TRF, was a scheduled passenger flight from Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore, which crashed on 19 December 1997 after abruptly plunging into the Musi River from its 35,000 feet cruise altitude, killing all 97 passengers and 7 crew on board.

Remarkably, the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder stopped recording, at different times and for no apparent reason, minutes before the aircraft departed level flight and entered a steep vertical dive.

The crash was investigated by various groups, with different results. The Indonesian NTSC, who were lead investigators, were unable to determine the cause, while the U.S. NTSB concluded that the crash resulted from an intentional act by a pilot, most likely the captain.


Always suspicious said...

I agree with the findings of the US NTSB

Anonymous said...

Yes, absolutely, I would definitely agree with the findings by the US NTSB. They have conducted many tests and simulations and can be concluded that the dive was initiated by the pilot. How can the high court reject all those findings eh.

sotong said...

Did the high court reject the findings?

Anonymous said...

In 2001, six families who had sued SilkAir for damages based on the allegation that the crash was caused by the pilot, were turned down by a Singapore High Court judge, who ruled that "the onus of proving that flight MI185 was intentionally crashed has not been discharged."....