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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Check steward mugged (robbed) in USA.

We,the check stewards ( old name for CCEs) arrived at San Francisco and stopped for a night on our way to Seattle. There were about 7 or 8 of us,sent by the company to study the B727 galleys first hand and to teach our cabin crew back in Singapore.
It was for most of us our first time in SFO. The summer was nice and cool and we did not need to wear jackets.
After checking into our hotel we proceeded to explore the vicinity of the hotel and to look for some nice food and drinks. As we ventured further, we met a stunningly beautiful tall black Afro American girl of about 20 years old. She smiled at us and we returned her smile. Ravi, one of colleagues like a hero quickly went up to her and shook her hand before we were even near her. She seemed to be more interested in Ravi than anyone of us.
Before we knew it, Ravi told us to proceed to whatever we were supposed to do and he excused himself and left with the girl. Ravi took the girl back to his hotel room supposedly for a drink.

What we didn't know was that Ravi was almost shot in his head by that black girl while back in the hotel room. The next morning while checking out of the hotel, Ravi related to us how he was robbed at gunpoint by that girl whom he picked up the night before. He lost all his cash and his watch. Thankfully he was not killed. The matter could have been reported to the police but Ravi would have to stay back in SFO for a long while,so he was told by the hotel security. In the end, Ravi  let the matter rest as he did not want to miss Seattle.

Besides attending the B727 course in Seattle, we also spent our time in pubs and playing cards among ourselves in the hotel room. The following is a story of Ravi our colleague again.

The setting was a smoked filled sleazy bar in Seattle back in 1977. Ravi our good friend and colleague was boasting to his new found friends of jobless drunkards,some as old as 70 years old that he was a prince from India on a trip to Seattle to buy a Boeing 727 aircraft. He pointed at us as we entered the bar and told them we were his pilots and engineers out to test the aircraft. All the bums in the bar believed Ravi because he had bought them,estimated to be a dozen round of beers and whiskies. Ravi carried on with his tales of his Indian royalty surrounded by his liquored thirsty American friends who were clamouring for another round of free booze.
Out of a corner of the dimly lighted bar,an old haggard lady staggered towards the direction of where we were sitting. When she reached us, in a soft whisper,told us to warn Ravi not to tell his new found friends of his wealth. She said "They will mugged him and even strip his pants". We laughed and it annoyed the little old woman. She did not realised that Ravi was mugged just two days ago in San Francisco.......


Stories From The Air said...

Those days, Union Square had plenty of action. Lots of beautiful American women strutting up and down the streets.

Unfortunately, the police cleared up the sleaze.

Boh Tong said...

U bet "Stories...."