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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dare say we don't need a strong union?

As far as any employer is concerned if its employee falsely declare his or her personal particulars when asked then he or she would be terminated once it is discovered.
False declaration of personal particulars is not rampant amongst most employees or would be employees but there will always be a few who would resort to it. Why people don't want to declare the truth? Reason is, the would be employee would not be employed or the serving employee may get the boot. In not telling the truth,one must be prepared for the worst.
There were crew in the past who were dismissed from service because of false declaration. One serious case was of a trainee steward who did not declare he was convicted of a crime involving drugs. He was sacked when the company discovered the truth. Then there was a case of a stewardess "Molly" who were fired because she did not declare she had a child. This story was told on page 18 of my book "Fasten Your Seat Belts".
There were other cases too and most were fired once the truth was discovered.
Recently there was another stewardess like Molly, was fired because the airline found out she has a child and did not declare when she first joined the company.
The union people did a wonderful job by managing to persuade the company to reinstate her. Don't ask me how the union managed to save her but it did and that matter most.
If I was the stewardess, I would be eternally grateful to union leaders like Alan Tan and his committee members. Kudos to Alan and Heart Party!


Anonymous said...

No matter what, this batch of unionist is BETTER than the Shortie Chew !

Anonymous said...

uncle BT no need to advertise la. the fss sack liao. your info wrong la

Anonymous said...

get ur facts right,the gal has bin reinstated yesterday,thanks to alan.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Alan. You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Alan in my opinion you had made a mistake, the girl should not have been accepted in the first place. She joined the airline by hiding the truth. Are you going to save all who came in by the back door or have little secrets that made them illegible? Where are you going to draw the line. I know you have good intention on this but in principle, it's wrong.

From Alan supporter, past and present =)

Anonymous said...

i personally knew which girl you guys are talking about. please get the whole story before even deciding whether or not the company should reinstate her.
blogging is one thing, thanks to Uncle BT for highlighting this stories.. but judging without getting to know all stories are just unfair.

i hope no more condescending comments after this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Alan and the rest of the team. U guys Have done a great job and may god bless all of u for giving the girl a new light in her life.

-GirL- said...

there must be a reason why she had to do that. We can't simply judge a person by only listening to one side of the story.there's always a reason behind each stories. we have to be fair. Life is circle. today is her day..tomorrow might be any of our day. I personally knew the girl too. She's a strong girl. well done to Alan.. i strongly advice everyone to keep in supporting Alan and his team.