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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Celebrity road rage? Pierre Png stops on extreme right lane of PIE to confront driver

Local celebrity Pierre Png has defended himself against accusations that’s he’s a reckless driver and a road bully.

The “Phua Chu Kang” star, 37, has been accused by a motorist on local citizen journalism site STOMP of stopping his car while on the extreme right hand lane of an expressway on Friday afternoon.

The incident took place after the motorist, who is not named, claims Mr Png’s car ”suddenly swerved” into his driving lane when he was just “less than 10 metres away”.

The motorist claims he had to slam his brakes to avoid an accident, and he also honked his car to signal his displeasure.

According to the motorist who confirmed the incident over the phone, Mr Png then slowed down and stopped his Mercedes car in the middle of the Pan Island Expressway and came out of the car.

Said the STOMPer, “He seemed really furious and looked ready to throw a punch. I refused to get out of my car or even wind down my window and merely gestured for him to return to his car.”

He added that, “All this time, cars were going by honking at us” and that after he refused to get out of the car, he decided to take out his phone and snap pictures of the celebrity.

Both parties drove off after that.

The report carried a photo of Mr Png, dressed in black shades and a black T-shirt, stepping out of his stationary car in the middle of the road, under a headline which read “Celeb road rage? Pierre Png stops on extreme right lane of PIE to confront driver.”

Mr Png, meanwhile, refuted the motorist’s claims that he was driving dangerously.

According to entertainment website XinMSN, the MediaCorp star said he clearly signalled his intention to switch lanes and did so when “all of the sudden, I saw a car that was initially two cars from me, speed up to just the back of my car.”

Calling it a “close brush”, Mr Png claims the other driver “almost rammed into the back of my car”. He then decided to “slow down” to see if his car had been damaged. No mention was made if he thought that stopping in the middle of the expressway was dangerous.

Mr Png, who is married to fellow celebrity Andrea de Cruz, then said he got out of his car and was walking over to the other car which had also stopped behind him when ”the guy showed me the middle finger”.

The television star then asked ”What’s going on? Why flick the finger?” but the driver in the other car refused to get out and simply feigned ignorance.

Mr Png said he then took pictures of the other car and drove off, adding that the whole incident took place in less than two minutes.

He added that he was “shocked” at how things have been blown out of proportion by a local driver and that while he was prepared to dismiss the matter, he now intends to file a police report


Anonymous said...

SJB 900Z & driving a flashy car!
Stopping in the middle of the highway in lane 1. What else speaks volume of the attitude and arrogance of the driver.


Anonymous said...

Always happen with these Third-Rate actors and actress. Why arh ?

Anonymous said...

Sure lah cos ah beng is yaya papaya ma

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, cut him some slack lah, maybe it is the other fellow that is really ball-less, who horned at people and point middle finger and do not dare to get out of his car after people ask him.. please lor, we see a lot of such people, it may not be Pierre Png's fault, people as just happy to point fingers just because he is an actor.. he may not be the bad guy in this case though... Err, by the way, I am not his fan hor.. just thinking that some drivers think they can bully people, then later got scared because people more fierce than them...

Anonymous said...

If a QX or unmarked escort car were to horn at you what would you do? Show your fingers or stop in the middle of the highway?


Andre said...

Karma I don't you understand the problem. The driver did not show the finger to the actor.

Andre said...

Karma I don't you understand the problem. The driver did not show the finger to the actor.