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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Captain Lobster.

Once upon a time there lived a captain who earned $25,000 a month and yet fought with the cabin crew over aircraft food and drinks. What a shame it was for that dumb ass.
He once chewed up a supervisor for mistakenly not telling him of a leftover lobster. Capt Lobster wanted that piece of lobster badly but the supervisor overlooked it and reported to him there was none left. Lobster personally went to the galley and opened up the ovens and compartments to check and make sure that the supervisor was not hiding any lobsters from him.
Capt Lobster had been giving the crew lots of problem because he had a chip on his shoulder (besides his 4 gold bars on his shoulder). He wanted respect but respect can't be forced upon the crew. Nobody liked him and many had "customised" the food they served him.
There was a flight I did with Capt Lobster. He screwed the supervisor because he did not tell him I was on the flight. Poor supervisor. I was furious and went to the cockpit to speak with Lobster. I told him as a capt he should know that I was on the flight. He claimed he didn't know. I told him he must have signed the load sheet (aircraft document besides other things also show the number of crew on the flight) blindly. Also didn't he sight the general declaration where they had the names of all the crew on duty?
It was just an excuse to screw the supervisor because he didn't like him.
While in cockpit, Lobster told me " at least as a senior crew you should come to the cockpit and say hello to us"......"Sure capt I usually practised this habit of visiting the cockpit but you had 2 blond chicks frolicking in the cockpit with you and I don't feel comfortable interrupting your party." I retorted. He was of course mad with me but wouldn't dare do anything to me. He knew he was in the wrong for having that 2 chicks drinking champagne in the cockpit.
Ironically,capt lobster was an arts student in school and yet he could become a pilot. Without science subjects the airline would not even consider your application to be air controllers let alone be pilots). Capt Lobster had god fathers in the airline and they helped him.
Lobster had retired from flying and I do not know what he is doing right now. There was a rumour he died of a heart attack a few years ago (from gobbling too many lobsters?) but I can't confirm it at this juncture.


Anonymous said...

capt "yau kwee"

Anonymous said...

He died becasue of eating too many lobster meh?

Anonymous said...

Tum Chia Capt.

Anonymous said...

Eat too much lobster get high cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

Prawns got high cholesterol not lobster.