Friday, 14 January 2011

Ex SQ stewardess Jamie Chua.

Recently  Jamie has been in the news because of her high profile divorce from her hubby. People have asked me whether I know her when she was flying as a stewardess with SIA. My answer is I can't remember Jamie (no offence hor Jamie) but I do remember flying with an SQ Indonesian stewardess (can't remember her name though) many years ago who looked like Jamie.
That stewardess could be or might not be Jamie. I remember that stewardess as a slim tall girl who was from Indonesia,pretty and wore a 3 carat diamond ring while working on the plane. She  has a sweet personality,friendly and unassuming. I remember speaking with her on the flight and it was about the place she came from and how her dad didn't want her to be a cabin crew. Ya she was from a very rich family.

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