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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Dishonest cabin crew wannabes

In my line of business,I have come across some people who aspire to be cabin crew to be cheats and liars.
I conduct seminars and sell guide books over the Internet. I won't say many of the would be customers are bad people but a few did try to con me by claiming they had paid for the seminar or E- books when they did not. One girl after receiving the E-book complained that she did not authorised the transaction using her credit card.
Another guy claimed I have sent him an outdated E-book and not the current updated copy. He actually paid for the E-book 2 years ago. One went to the extent of claiming she had transferred the fee into my account for the seminar. A quick check with the bank showed she did not. At one point,I have even thought of reporting those cases to the police.

Seriously, do you think I should hand over the names of those dishonest people to the airline? If I do not and by chance if they are employed I would feel I have failed in my duty as an ex staff for not alerting the airline.

Let me have your views please.


Anonymous said...

BT you should disclose the names of these people to SIA otherwise we will have cheats in cc.

Anonymous said...

hello, your website is very helpful.i just was accepted to take the medical checkup and nervous about the results.

anyhow,i like to know if the immediate family members get discounted travels using SIA. How much is the discount of the normal fare?

Anonymous said...

sia where got give discount? Anyway wrong place to ask this question.

Anonymous said...

BT these people are pathetic!
Trying to cheat when not being employed by SIA.

Imagine if these CROOKS & CHEATERS will do if they were employed by SIA?

You should Blacklist their names to SIA.

And also put their initials on your blog.

I would not want to employ these SCUMS!


boh tong said...

Karma thanks and I was contemplating about giving their names to cabin crew management.

Anonymous said...

Weirdos exist everywhere.

tuck said...

but what if they are saboed by other people?

fernanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

BT, there are bound to be dishonest
people everywhere you look. These people (as alleged by you) tried to cheat but were found out because
they are not smart enough. So, no damage is done. SIA is not going to
reward you for exposing them. At some point in our lives, we have harboured dishonest intentions. Have we not cheated by not putting incorrect times when we display URA parking coupons? Have we not cheated when we looked at our classmate's answers when we did not know the answers in the exams we took? I did not know that ex-staff have a duty to protect the company.

Anonymous said...

Does it mean that because we sometimes harbor the intention to cheat we should let those cheats get away with their crime? BT has a duty to inform SIA regardless of whether he is still a serving staff or a retiree otherwise the innocent passengers may be potential victims of theft on board. Remember the case of the kleptomaniac IFS?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
BT, there are bound to be dishonest
people everywhere you look......

What a stupid comment!

Anonymous said...

If they are pretty give them a chance,if not pls report them. Life's like that.

Chris (KF PPS) said...

these are the people who might just as well pick up valuables from fellow crew members, passengers etc and should not be in SQ's service. I'd recommend you drop a quiet hint to your HR about these people. Once a thief/cheat, always a thief/cheat.

Concerned SPPS said...

Dear Chris, BT has connection and he was a senior cc so he would have passed the names of the dishonest wannabes to not only SQ but EK,CX,QF,JL etc.

Anti CC said...

Names passed around?

Its a small world... he may be an ex cc and definitley senior ( meaning old and outdated ) but his network
is equally old and have retired..

the newer people in HR are not silly.
It could end up receiving a defamation suit.

Knowlegable said...

Ho ho ho how to end up in a defamation suit if their name s are given confidently? Do you know how many wanabes are being blacklisted by the airlines for things like being argumentative and rude to the interviewers or staff? The blacklisted people will never know why they are not recruited eternally.