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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Like a dog that returns to its vomit..........

I was told the Cabin Crew Executives  (CCE) are now going back on flights to appraise the crew. The standard of the inflight service must be deteriorating like crazy to enlist the CCEs' assistance.
8 years ago they got rid of the most experienced CCes by offering early retirement.They replaced them with what they called IA or in flight auditors who are actually inflight supervisors (IFS). The CCE is a management position and the IFS is not. In order to reduce cost they did away with the CCEs. The CCEs were also considered  "dinosaurs" and redundant.
Now my younger ex colleagues in the office the CCEs must be grinning from ear to ear. The reasons are because they "love" flying and staying in 5 star hotels all over the world. Besides, flying will break the monotony of the office work which most loathe.
It's a good thing they didn't opt for the early retirement.

BT: The CCEs were formerly cabin crew.


Anonymous said...

Tot co. said CCES were useless but why let them do checks again? They must be the knights in shinning armour now.

Anonymous said...

cces are a useless lot and dont know why sia want to let them terrorised the poor crew.

3years flying junior said...

Good morning BT, I am someone that always believe good service comes from within, its a matter of whether we (CC) want to do it or not. After 3 years flying with SQ, I am truly impressed by how crew's creativity can do magic on board. By enforcing, does not get the desired results. I am paxing recently to PVG, for once I sit down and observed that the smiles are gone, the positiveness and passion are replaced by "are towels done"? SPML accounted for? etc. WE ARE SAPPED by the company because of all these minor things they are squeezing us. EG..roster us flights right till our rostered AALV, A330 refusing to standardise at 11 crewing, take away 2 crew for 200R, i feel it doesnt make sense playing THE SIA GIRL video right after take off, but we are not happy, tired, demoralised. I really hope BT start a place for our views to be shared, or even publish a newsletter to be sent to our CEO :D for I am someone at the frontline for SIA, I know, if mgt do not squeeze and squeeze us, we dont need checks board, we will fight for SIA.

Anonymous said...

BT,so can u volunteer your cce experience to the airline?

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
BT,so can u volunteer your cce experience to the airline?

BT: My bosses don't think very much of me. In fact they disliked me because I was a threat to their positions.

Anonymous said...

BT: My bosses don't think very much of me. In fact they disliked me because I was a threat to their positions.


Those bosses still there?

Sleeping Buddha 1 said...

You see, bosses can die.
But their spirit lives on bcos those that are still around were weaned and trained in a machiavelli way.

How does one get promoted to take over the boss's seat?

the simplest way is to emulate the role model.. which is a proven method in dealing all things in Cabin Crew.. beat them down with a big stick ( sack ) and tease them ( use the union to give promises)

At the end of the day, your smiles and apparent happiness is only superficial..

The only boss worth having back is Cyril Teo, and Thoeng..
the rest can go and rot somewhere in a forgotten dept like Properties

Anonymous said...

The spirit of those bosses still live in the new ones.

Anonymous said...

The politics is so thick in the office.. you could cut it right through with a knife.

Especially when some are edging closer to retirement.. they cant afford to lose annual tkts, share options, and token monetary gifts from union & management.

If the rug was ever pulled from under their feet,.. whoa!.. I dont think the toupe would stay on...

It may be a fortune 500 company.. but beleive me,.. it means they have the fortune and you do 500 turn arounds.

Anonymous said...

It's a ploy by CCEs to earn extra money on meal allowances. That's not going to help the SVP's KPI.

Anonymous said...

FSS Foo Yahsin rocks!