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Thursday, 26 May 2011

SIA long-haul budget airline

Go SIA,  Choon Pong Goh
Thats the way u can show
A new ceo who is innovative
And has so much innitiative

Starting a budget airline next year
This news has put so much fear
In airlines like AirAsia,Jetstar and more
We will hit their profit to the core

If your plan does not work
Shareholders will fry you in the wok
But surely your plan will do well
Kick the other airlines into hell


Anonymous said...

Ah Pong is dynamic


Probable candidate for fleet: retiring SIA 777-200s... it may show something about Tigar Airlines too... with SIA-trained staff, this budget airline can work...

Boh Tong said...

KRISFLYTIM I hope so too but the share market din receive the news positively cos it fell 8 cts on yesterday`s closing