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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Still yaya papaya!

Recently I met the ex boss of my ex boss (sounds complicating I know). Let's call him HL (How Lian). We talked once a while when we were still working for SQ. This guy liked to talk down his subordinates. That was fine if we were still with SQ but not when one has retired! So this time when we met, we were both retired. But he still like to give advices as though I was still with SQ. Said you "must do this and do that" crap. He was an irritant. Know what? My father don't even give me so many advices.
HL was at one time a high ranking management staff. He had lots of managers,VPs, etc etc carrying his balls. He loves being tickled in his ass. As for me,....I rather kick his ass.
I understand that some of ex colleagues are also in the same league as HL. That's why a lot of junior crew "siam" or avoid them even when they are about to collide into each other on the streets. Worst thing is to try to be bossy even you aren't their bosses anymore.
There was a crew,also a retiree and he mixes around with me. Once I asked why he does not mind being around me. The reply was "you don't have airs around you".

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