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Friday, 29 July 2011

Caught with his pants down.

Abe was thinking hard on how to explain to his pregnant wife about him sitting in a police lock up. He was a crew with a well known airline. Abe's favorite past time during his layover overseas was to visit the local brothels. China was his favorite country besides Vietnam and Singapore. Abe preferred fair skin women or one who looked like a Chinese.
The prostitutes in China were cheap and beautiful and the "service" was rated excellent by Abe. However, prostitution is illegal in China unlike in Singapore where the women were licenced and allowed to practise their profession albeit discreetly. The only concern Abe had about Singapore was the fees was a little too high as compared to China and the "service" wasn't that good. Of course, European women were out of the question for Abe because of their exorbitant fees and the lack of service attitude.

Abe was netted during a raid by the anti-vice squad of Shanghai. He was caught experimenting his viagra-ed dick on a Chinese prostitute. In short, Abe was caught with his pants down.

He had spent 2 nights in the lockup and had missed his flight (absent without official leave or commonly known as AWOL). His employer had sacked him.
The authorities in China required his relatives to bail him out pending being charged with "misappropriate" behaviour.
Abe's wife was shocked to hear the bad news. She had made preparation to fly to Shanghai to bail her horny husband out. She was a very understanding wife because she couldn't have sex with him due to her pregnancy and so sympathized with him.

It was a matter of another few days when Abe was fine an equivalent of $1,000. Back home, Abe was without a job. He, I understand is now a waiter at a down town restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Why get sacked when he had a reason for missing his flight? So if he gets kidnapped, and not turn up at work, he will also be sacked?
However, I hope he will wake up from his stupidity and value his life rather than risk getting HIV and other diseases.

Boh Tong said...

He ran foul of the law and that's reason enough to sack him. If he was kidnapped that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Another case just crop up this time in Shanghai. Poor fellow now in prison happened couple of days ago.

So sad.


Anonymous said...

anybod knows what happened to the CS after being caught? Is he back in SIN? Anybody helping him? SIASU?

Anonymous said...

He was sacked and SIA gave his wife a free ticket to visit him.