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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

He "owned" 200k SQ shares

We cross our path recently, yes an ex supervisor ( Nick )who used to deceive people into believing he owned 200,000 SIA shares. The whole of cabin crew believed him because he was persuasive and a confident man.

Nick even hinted he was related to our CEO of that time. I did not believe him because to me he was a shady character. I caught him lying about things on a couple of occasions.
Nick like being respected not only as a senior crew but as one who was influential and loaded. Some of the girls were conned by him and one even married him.

One day when the CEO was travelling on the flight to Japan, we asked him whether he was related to Nick. The CEO was annoyed and told us he had heard of this from other people before. He stressed that Nick was not in any way his related to him.

It was a few years later that we found out from a cabin crew loan shark (Victor) that Nick had borrowed $5,000 from him. In fact, Victor was badmouthing Nick because Nick defaulted on his interest payment.

It was revealed that Nick was a big punter on stocks and shares. He lost a fortune and his wife and children left him. Later on, he married a stewardess who believed he was still rich.

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