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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Met ex IFS Ah Seng at the Singapore Turf Club

Last Sunday, I spend the afternoon at the Singapore Turf Club with the intention of watching the prestigious Emirates S'pore Derby. It was there that I met an ex IFS called Seng. Seng left many years ago in his mid 30s due to an incident with the then SVP called Drac. Seng was sabotaged by his own union colleagues who wrote an anonymous letter informing the Drac that Seng had registered a private business without informing his employer.
Poor Seng was demoted 3 ranks down to that of a flight steward by Drac. Unable to take the humiliation,Seng resigned from his job.
Ah Seng was bubbly as usual. We have not met for a couple of years. His whole head was white but still has lots of hair for his age. We chatted until the start of the Derby. We parted company because he had to return to his seat where his friends were waiting for him.
Seng told me how a Malaysian dignitary who used to be our regular passengers helped  him financially all these years after he had left the airline. The last financing was $200k (cash) in an envelope delivered to him by a bank manager. After that, the Malaysian died.
I personally knew the Malaysian friend of Seng's. He was rich,in fact filthy rich. Many years ago he gave me and my crew a treat at a posh night club in Tokyo. Of course, we were saddened to hear that this kind man had died.
As for the Derby, horse number 8 named Clint won the prestigious cup. (The above video shows the running of the Derby). It was an interesting afternoon, I must say.


Anonymous said...

So sad even union colleagues played seng out,why sia crew like that?

Anonymous said...

Why is SQ so very strict about staff having their own companies? SQ should on the other hand encourage the staff to be more business minded.

Anonymous said...

His son is a capt now

Anonymous said...

Why was the rich Malaysian tycoon so generous to Seng?

boh tong said...

Anonymous said...
Why was the rich Malaysian tycoon so generous to Seng?

BT: cos seng supplied him sexy gals, in short seng was his pimp( seng told me this cos i dun bluff one)