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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

My classmates from RI 1961 to 1963

We were invited by an ex classmate for his son's wedding last Saturday at the Marriott Hotel. There were classmates whom I have not seen since 1963 when I left school. Some I can still recognized while others I have to asked for their names. We are now around 65 years old.

Most of all, I felt humbled by many who are doing extremely well in life. Among my RI classmates are 2 professors, a couple of doctors, engineers, a professional golfer and lawyers.

Majority of them are semi-retired. We promised to meet every month for a meal and chit chat.


Anonymous said...

BT u did not "study hard" that was why u became a steward haha.

Anonymous said...

BT I bet most of them are generation X like you but unlike you they did not cross into generation y which in this modern times means a lot.

boh tong said...

Ya u r darn right I din study hard.
Pls la most of them carry I-phone and are internet savvy.

Anonymous said...

Carry I phone does not mean i-savy. Mabbe they dun even know how to use the apps.