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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tiger Airway's new chairman

Pillay was a good and strict boss. He was clever at making SIA profitable. He was also proactive. When he was our chairman, we didn't like him. Fond of scaring the cabin and techical crew by asking questions about our jobs eg. "where did the apples come from?" pointing to the fruits we served him in the first class cabin. Pillay would ask the tech crew all sorts of questions pertaining to flying which he read from the books. He would personally check the aircraft toilets and chastised the crew if they weren't kept clean.
The SQ management staff were scared of him too. He ruled with an iron fist. But then at the end of the day, the airline made lots of money and we were paid generous bonus.
Now he is going to be the chairman of Tiger Airways. No doubt, he will succeed because the staff will be kept on their toes.
Welcome to Tiger Mr. Pillay cos I am a shareholders too!

BT: A YouTube Video dedicated to Tiger's new chairman.


Anonymous said...

Yes a very capable man! Many years ago got to serve him onboard first class. Didn't give any problems onboard.


Anonymous said...

Pillay sucks remember BT when you had to take sia to arbitration court to fight for your pay entitlement? Now he is Tiger chairman,i pity the staff.

boh tong said...

ya i remember..well he had to do his job.