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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Did the Cabin Crew Executives (Check & Training) priced themselves out?

That's a good question (above title). It was exactly 10 years after the CCEs won their case (June 1993) against the company in the Industrial Arbitration Court pertaining to their salary and working conditions that they were offered early retirement (June 2003).
It took a gutsy and revengeful SVPcc to get rid of the CCEs. Gutsy, because he even fought his own boss and left his 5 figure salary job after 3 decades with the airline. Revengeful, because some of the CCEs had shown disrespect towards him when he first transferred to cabin crew.
Looking at the big picture, it's a combination of the 3 ( Guts,revenge and pricing).
The question here is does SQ fare better without the CCEs in terms of profitability and service standards?
The experienced cabin crew and regular passengers who have been with us all these years should be able to provide the more accurate answers.


Analyst said...

SQ is worst off w/o the cces

Anonymous said...

Their pay was relatively low as compared to their counterparts in BA,QF etc so no reason to price themselves out of the company.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

To ALL the Lau Cheows :- No Love Lost ! Thank You !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
To ALL the Lau Cheows :- No Love Lost ! Thank You !

BT: u r so sweet...bloody idiot...haha!

SQ has tipped to slow death said...

Reducing cost was the main target and CCE ( in other words, humans) were the easiest to control.

The prove it, it was simple:

A) older = not so efficient
B) older = more costs in medical etc
C) older = unable to change
D) older = know too much

This approach was highly effective and it continues to this day.

It is really amazing that a fortune 500 company can be so very myopic to see that experience cannot be replaced.

It can be renewed, yes... but at the expense of treating the current cohort poorly.

In customer service there are 2 main types of "justice"

1) Procedural Justice
2) Interaction Justice

SQ management ( includes the CCEs) is infamous for type # 1

and they apply it for every situation they encounter ( if you have worked inside, you'll understand what I am talking about)

Cabin crew, on the other hand are intrinscally adopts type # 2.. and have been excellent at it.
Thats how SQ remains an alluring product to work for and to be with.

Things have changed since Sim and TPT.. their costs controls have kept their eyes on the $$ but in doing, their philosphy has infected the mid level managers and downline to the WL.

The infection manifests itself in many ways and it is hidden behind the type 1 style of "customer service" Its so bad that the corporate website is also affected!
and the sheer arogance shines.

The airline has faced high fuel prices before and has successfuly managed it.

It is this 'cut at all costs' and sack all who appear at inquires that reflects the type 1 approach.

They really need to lean 80% more towards Interactional Justice.
But I doubt they will.. I was sacked for leaning towards it and failure to conform to "procedural justice.

So, more robbots being churned out of STC.. and easier now with a confused labour representative.

Anonymous said...

Matured is Experience!
A very good example is our MM Lee.

Just a big loss for the company in 2003. BT time will tell.
For those those who think that they will never be old, one day their time will come.

Just look at the present situation.
It's a big mess.


boh tong said...

Karma u are absolutely right. SQ got to learn and like u said time will tell but hope it won't take too long cos we may not be here..hehehe