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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Don't lose your job just because................

One chief steward was caught in a raid by the authority on illegal brothels in a foreign country. In that particular country, I was told one should not visit the cheap brothels because they aren't protected by the "authority". In expensive brothels one would feel safer as they, besides being protected are frequently visited by "big shots" who are "politically immuned"
Therefore the chances of being napped in a cheap brothel are much higher than in the expensive ones.
Many male crew told me they do visit brothels but have never experienced the anxiety of being napped by the authority. Of course, one has to pay something like S$200 and more for a good time. The cheaper brothels offer services averaging $50 to $100.
Don't be "Penny wise pound foolish" ok?. Why?..cos one will lose his job if caught patronising a brothel overseas ( in certain countries).

BT: In S'pore (Geylang) brothels are usually "legalised".


Anonymous said...

Usually the penis wise are found foolish

Fun Lover said...

"Usually the penis wise are found foolish" that was a good one ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Prostitution is not an offence in Singapore, soliciting is. As the prostitudes are just sitting there,
they did not break the law.